Fullcoverbetting's first Pal Post

4개월 전

Well there is always something new going on on the steem blockchain! And you would be stupid not to test everything out!

If I understand it correctly Pal is more or less a Steem blockchain interface but with some specific things!


Post written on Pal should also appear on the steem interfaces. But I don't know yet if it is also the other way around!
If I go my blog on palnet.io, I keeps on loading and shows up empty after a while. So I am not seeing my post written in Steem/busy/partiko/esteem and so on!
I did read somewhere, I believe that it was on a post of @isaria, that if one uses the palnet token on the steem condensers it will also show on the palnet chain!

Voting Power

If I understand it correctly the voting Power is shared between palnet.io and the steem condensers.
So upvoting on one of the two will also have an impact on the other!
But this means that once a post is written via palnet.io it will be shown also on steem. So, one can score double upvotes. Earning Steem and Palcoin! How great is that!


Well palnet.io is running in front of the HF21 of the Steem blockchain because it will follow the 50/50 split between authors and curators! So I am very curious how this will evolve!


Curious how fast communities will be formed!

Well that is enough for my first post! For the moment I do have 0 power on this platform. Let's see what I will have after the first the summer!
I am chasing dolphinhood on the steem blockchain, around 950 Steem to go, but here it feels like a fresh start! A time to prove yourself once again! Glad that it also works on the iphone! Now it is time to build up some PAL and start voting and writing!

Good luck to the pal team and thanks for creating this!


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Update: it is showing on steem, which is great. Tomorrow I will have to try the other way around!

Well congrats on your fisrt PAL post!
There is a nice PAL community already so this may be interesting.


Thanks! Very curious how this will evolve! I will get a decent amount from the airdrop. So nothing wrong with trying it out!
Time will tell!