The Wooden Horse Part 4

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This is part 4 of the story **The Wooden Horse **
The earlier parts can be read here

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The Wooden Horse Part 4...

On the other hand, the furor in the sky was so high that the mountains started to look like the slopes of the soil. Now he wanted to go to his capital. He twisted the starting screw upside down, but the horse continued to grow ahead. He spun the screw in different ways but the horse did not land down.

Firozshah was very nervous about this, but the horse continued to grow faster. Firozshah kept watching the horse's head and neck for a long time. After a long time, he got a small screw under the right ear of the horse. Turned it up, the horse began to descend, but it was too late till now.

So far the night had passed one and a half times and Firozshah did not know where it was coming. By the middle of the night the horse came on earth. By this time, Firozshah also felt very hungry. The horse stood on the terrace of a big palace. On the rooftop , whose pebbles were made of marble, Firozshah turned around and saw where the road to go down is. Finally he saw a door open.

He started thinking that he should not go down as they may not hurt him as an enemy. But he thought that because of his being disarmed, this would not happen.

He reached in a hall. Feroze Shah saw many slaves sleeping. He understood that it is the palace of a queen or princess.He was in the palace of the princely state of Bengal. As the prince moved ahead, there was a silk curtain at the door of one room and the light and aroma of the Kapura candles was coming from inside. He went inside and saw a large, long room where many slaves were sleeping on the ground and one princess was sleeping on the other side of a fringe and a fine mosquito net.

Firozashah was stunned after seeing her breathtaking form and started thinking that if she accepts me, then I will put the whole world behind it. He had such a craze of love that he also forgot the right-wrong and raised the canopy and raised his sleeve on his face and looked at her.The princess's eyes opened .She saw that an exquisite young man dressed in majestic clothes was looking at her She was stunned by fear. The voice did not even come out of her mouth.

Firozashah said, madam, you do not fear at all. I am Prince of the country of Persia. In the day I was celebrating Naroos in my capital. Now luck has brought me here. At this time I am in your shelter, you will only be able to save me or else I will die.

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to be contd...

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