PhotoGraphy contest #2 Sunsets (steem-bounty)


We all love taking sunset photographs show me one of your most recent sunset photographs or your best sunset photograph.

To enter make a post and add PhotoGraphy contest #2 Sunsets to title
Leave a comment down below with post link

Here is one of my latest sunset photo i took just yesterday

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Congratulations to the following winner(s) of the bounty!

  ·  작년

Thanks for the contest!

When is the deadline to enter submissions?

@khussan, I don't take much pictures but will try to capture pleasant view. Keep up the good work and enjoy your time ahead.

  ·  작년

This is a nice photograph. Nice shadow photograph during sunset

I love landscape photography, and yours is excellent... What a pity that the date and time stamp distract the eye from the vibrant colors in your photo.

Wish all contestants the best

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Since the entry is before post payout i sent some steem to you


Thank you

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