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Coffee plantation in Bali. Luwak Bali coffee

Good morning! Coffee anyone? 😃

The open secret of Kopi Luwak - World’s most expensive coffee.

The world’s costliest coffee comes from Civet’s poop. The civet is made to eat a special type of coffee bean and while
in the civet’s gut, a special flavour is added to the beans and those beans come out as excreta. It may sound gross but this coffee is a craze for many tourists and travellers all around the world that they buy bundles of this coffee on their way back home. ☕️🐺

Another interesting fact about this coffee is there are two types of it, namely a Male coffee (from the Male beans) and a Female coffee (from the Female beans). Male coffee is stronger than the Female coffee.

Tea Time ☕️ Got to try 13 different teas and coffees. This was an interesting experience and was able to see the process of how to make Luwak “cat-poo-ccino” Coffee ( the most expensive coffee in the world). I know what your thinking eww, but it wasn’t bad. If you ever travel to Bali you must try.

Has anyone tried Luwak coffe? 🙂☕ Share your impressions!


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I tried it once when I was on holiday in bali. Must say I don’t think the taste was very special. How it is made though...well that is something different ;)

Awesome shits, I means shots.

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