Natural Shrooms - In My Brain!!!

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I watched a documentary recently on shrooms....or if you prefer the technical term of the chemical compound widely favored by recreational users: Dimethyltryptamine (DMT).

We Produce DMT Naturally

Actually, we produce most recreational drugs naturally. That's what makes them so effective. Our brain responds to them because it was designed to respond to them. Meaning, we have built-in neuro-receptors designed to absorb and respond to specific chemical compounds in order to elicit certain functions. So if you are affected by a particular drug, then it likely means that you create it naturally, as your brain has the capacity to process it. Else, why the neuro-receptor?

"Why is it that human beings are wired to receive this experience. It must be there is important information to be learned." DMT: The Spirit Molecule

What it basically gets down to is, we have shrooms growing directly in our brainz!


But it Gets Weirder

Research scientist Richard Strassman, trained in psychiatry with degrees from Stanford University and Albert Einstein College of Medicine, conducted a clinical study funded by the U.S. Government to investigate the affects this psychedelic had on the biochemistry of dozens of subjects.

What he did NOT expect was how consistently enlightened and spiritually transformed many of his subjects would become during and after the trial. For them, it was not just a hallucination. For them, it was a gateway to the universe.

Shamanic journey, spiritually-guided hallucination, call it what you will. It's not just a hallucination. What these people are experiencing is apparently very, very real.

I like his story best:

Many spiritualists who take guided shamanic or spirit journeys with the "medicine" or "sacrament" often report of coming in contact with spiritual entities, entering into a higher realm, traveling the universe without the confines of time or space, seeing themselves for who they really are, and experiencing a euphoria and calmness not duplicated anywhere in the corporal sphere.

The compound has such a transformative effect, in fact, it has long been established as a thousands-year-old ritual among indigenous peoples. Of course, it takes a somewhat less potent form of the substance, curbed also with an enzyme-inhibitor (so the liver does not break it down as quickly, and the trip can last for hours instead of minutes). This method of delivery is referred to as Ayahuasca. And it's one of those things you hear about, but don't really now what to make of.

In other words, going on an actual trip!

Unlike other hallucinogens, this one actually gives the sensation that something truly magnificent has actually been discovered. In fact, it is widely suggested that the DMT is not a drug at all, but a compound that triggers the brain's natural ability to perceive other-wordliness.

It is, for many, a gateway to accessing Divinity.

We only use 10% of the brain


How do we know that in activating the brain as a whole, or in certain ways, we aren't just integrating an entirely different capacity to perceive altogether?

How do you know that all you perceive is all there is? How can you say there isn't another realm right on the edge of your nose, if you could only have the eyes to see it? How do you know you don't already have those eyes, you just need the right....physiological or metaphysical event to occur in order for you to experience that state?

The extrapolation here is, the drug itself is not making the experience. Nor is the brain. It is not a hallucination. The substance helps the brain to release its attachment to the physical world and take a peek into the beyond.

Don't Do Drugs

But what if we don't need to actually ingest this substance to accomplish the thing it is designed to help us accomplish?

What if we could simply increase the production of DMT naturally, through things like meditation, and yoga, and certain types of breathing and panting.

What if, and call me crazy, what if this is what we were designed to do from the beginning, and our society has just forgotten!

Point is, I'm not promoting doing the drug. What I am saying is, this drug might prove that there is something else out there. And that we have access to it. And that perhaps we should look into the possibility that all is not what it seems.

As Always


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You’re correct, our brain can produce all of these things.
However there is nothing like a rush from smoking a hit of DMT. It literally only takes one puff to alter your entire being forever.

Nice post @littlescribe I always think that at the time in our lives we are given certain guides that get us ready for such inter dimensional journeying some souls and the guides that accompany these souls are more advanced and have been travelling for a long time reincarnating into physical bodies to start. My take anyway

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