Repeat After Me: My Foot Is Completely Healed! (a voyage of unconventional self-healing)

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A Personal Story of Unconventional Self Healing

This same story (click on the above link to read) actually happened to me! I was supposed to have surgery on a torn ligament, severed nerves, sprained ankle - the whole works. My foot was so swoolen, bruised, and lifeless, I wondered if I would ever be able to use it again. But I had been on crutches for 3 months. And the doctor simply wouldn't let me put it off any longer. I was urged to schedule my surgery.

(two days after injury)

(1.5 months after injury)

Still very bruised, swollen, and injured. I refused to accept the surgery fate. So I changed my dialogue about the injury. I had heard something about "manifestation" "self-healing" and "parallel reality" from a guy named Aaron Doughty. His thrust was that we can call into existence whichever reality we want to, but we must speak it as though it is in the present, because "the universe always says yes," he said.

The Universe Always Says Yes

Meaning, whatever we utter or think, the universe loves us and trusts us so completely, it will bring to pass exactly that. In fact, the Universe IS us, so completely. So if I say

  • My foot is healing rapidly

    ...then it will always and forever be in a state of healing rapidly. Which means, it will heal, but not ever be fully healed. You can't be in a state of "healing rapidly" and also be in a state of "fully healed" at the same time. It has to be one or the other.

  • I will be wealthy very soon

    ...well, then you will always only ever be just about to become wealthy. You will not ever be wealthy. The Universe will bring to pass for you the events in your life that ensure this statement is true.

Repeat after me: "My Foot Is Completely Healed"


So I decided that whenever I felt worried or sore or discouraged about my ankle, I would replace those thoughts and feelings with the following phrases:

  • My muscles and tendons are completely healed
  • My nerves are communicating with one another exactly as they should
  • My connective tissues are all coming back together and working together perfectly
  • I have full range of motion in my ankle
  • I can feel the nerves restoring and growing back
  • The swelling and bruising (which was still going on even 3 months after the injury occured) have completely vanished
  • My foot feels perfectly restored and back to normal
  • My muscles and tendons and surrounding tissues are extremely flexible and strong at the same time

It felt so good to talk about my foot that way! Even now, it has a restorative effect. And wouldn't you know it:

  • Within one day, I ditched the crutches. I was walking!
  • Within a week, I was pivoting around corners and down stairs.
  • Within two weeks I was able to go on long strolls at the park or the mall.

Granted, I was also doing daily (and sometimes twice daily) meditation and visualization in conjunction with the phrase work and imagery. So rest assured, it was a lively and conscious effort. But it sure beat surgery by a long shot!!!

I knew there was still more healing to be done, but I put it on hold to do other energy work and take care of some other life issues that were far more pressing by that point, and took up my energy and time and focus. I was at a good "resting" place. I'd finish up the healing later...

But then my stress level at work increased, and I started kind of feeling it in the foot again. So I'm going to take the self-healing challenge and put this to the test!

I'll be visualizing myself playing soccer, hiking in the mountains, running, using full extension of my ankle, putting normal weight on it, and being able to use it better than before the injury. And I know it will work.

Other Proponents of Unconventional or Miraculous Healing

"you can't hand your body over to your doctor like you would your car — nobody but you knows the medicine you really need. I'm not suggesting you abandon Western medicine. If you're in a car accident, having a heart attack or about to deliver a premature baby, get thee to an emergency room, STAT! But if you've tried what Western medicine has to offer and you're still sick, I encourage you to write yourself what I call the Prescription (Learn more about Dr. Rankin's Prescription for self-healing here.)"

"One in two Americans has a chronic disease....It doesn't matter what the insurance landscape looks like. If we don't get a handle on chronic disease, there's no method of paying for health care that will be sufficient. Period."
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