Super Psychic Scribey Moments

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I keep having super psychic moments.

A really cool one happened yesterday. And I just had to fact check it, cuz....5 for 5 right now.

Today's experience went like this...

Abridged Version

I got an image of a friend in sort of a light form, and I felt unmistakably that she needed to be brought together with a relative of hers she hadn't seen in awhile. I got the impression that relative would be calling soon to "check up" on her, but that she was also herself feeling isolated and alone, and was secretly hoping for connection. I also got the distinct impression they needed to be brought together for another purpose, and perhaps they ought to consider being roommates.

img pixabay

In the short term, they would be answers to each other's current predicaments in life, but what I did not share with her is that in the long term, they would be answers to a greater puzzle. I didn't feel that she would be able to hear that part of the message. So maybe later.

But I worked with that image -- them being together -- and held it in my head and in my hands, and sort of massaged the crap out of it. And then I got the feeling I should call my friend right away to see if her relative had called recently...

And she had! Precisely during the time I had gotten the impression that they were being brought together. And when I told her that this relative needed her, and maybe had she considered living with her, she was stunned and said that it had not occurred to her, but it might actually be the most perfect solution to her own predicament at the moment.

Several other life details suddenly fell into place that she might not have placed together out had I not gotten the image, let alone called.

I am so glad I called!

She said, "Thank you so much for giving me these ideas!"

And I said, "I didn't give you the ideas. You gave them to me. I just verbalized them so you could hear them. You can learn to do it too!"

And so can you! Just ask me how!

img pixabay

In either event, it was truly remarkable, and this stuff never ceases to amaze me! So what's YOUR take? Was it God? Was it the fabric of the Universe speaking through us? Was it the Holy Spirit? Was I merely picking up on the frequencies of these individuals because I had expanded my awareness enough to do so? Was it the Akashic Archives? Or was I particularly directed to receive that information because I was the most likely messenger for them?

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

As Always


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I am a firm believer that everyone has some form of psychic ability. We are spiritual as well as physical beings after all!


Indeed! Love the crystal ball, btw. LOL.

My goal is to help allow others to contemplate and see what their abilities are and kick them into full gear. Because just think! And there tends to be a bit of a taboo about the subject, like it shouldn't be taken seriously. So I figure if I can continue to air out my psychic laundry, others might be able to see it's worth checking out what they might be capable of.

The more I talk to people on this platform alone, the more I find out what kinds of remarkable abilities so many of us have! I think, with a little organization, we might actually be able to create a synergistic impact on the place that makes it a phenomenal place to be for keeps. (That's my other goal)