Music: Rock & Roll Part 2 - Gary Glitter

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Rock & Roll Part 2Gary Glitter

Now, some of you may know this from the recent "Joker" movie, but this has been known to me for the longest time as the "fight song" as it would play at hockey games, football games, and the likes when I was younger. It would get everyone pumped up and hyped for the coming events or when a big play was made! Now, I haven't seen the new "Joker" movie (A travesty, I know. lol.) but I've heard very good things about it! I've heard about how it supposedly opens one's eyes to how being on the margins of society and overlooked can have a major impact on mental health and the likes and I have to agree. We need to do better, all of us, for our race, the human race. We are all brothers and sisters and that is the bottom line here.

Enjoy this song and think about justice. It'll do you wonders intellectually! ;)

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