Jon Stewart is a true Patriot


I honestly felt this, and I'm still kind of shook about it. I mean, I've know about the perils of the first responders, I know that plenty of them have died even due to the exposure to asbestos. But, I had no idea we've done such a piss job in taking care of them, and I had no idea they were considering chopping their benefits yet again.

I feel his anger and passion in every word, and for the life of me, I don't know what kind of bullshit excuse these congressmen could possibly have for not showing up. I hope a list is released, I hope that people vote them out, because they've literally spat on their constituency with their actions.

You need to watch this... take 10 minutes of your day and listen to a true patriot speak.


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Can't expect much good then this. It's awesome and so COOL to hear. 👍

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Jon Stewart is awesome! He is one of the few people that speaks truth, to bad he isn't on TV anymore. Now the daily show is a daily load of garbage.. Sad that this is how we treat our heros.... that alone should says a lot about our nation.

Brilliant speech and you actually need someone like that in charge of the country. He cares and that is the difference. Speaking the truth is easy yet so many have forgotten how to do it.

Please go here and remove your vote.