Sawdust to relax

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I've been somewhere else mentally for a while. That being said, if there's one thing I would like to be able to do before we are out of here, is to finish as many projects as possible, especially those that are on the last stretch.


Over the years I've built plenty of guitars, and some of them live in different countries. A fact that always brings a smile to my face. As many others, I've done clones, copies, if you will, but I truly enjoy coming up with original creations.

That being said, most people just want to stick to their Fenders, their Gibsons, and don't want anything that deviates too much from the classics, and for years this was something I needed to worry about, if I intended to put some food on the table. My goal however is to not care about this anymore, and possibly ever again.

If someone wants one of my instruments, well, I hope they do so because it's precisely different, and not because it's "just like the real one" as someone once pointed out. I'm even arriving to the conclusion that I will politely decline all requests to make copies now and in the future as well.

The older I get, the more I realize that life is too short to not be different enough. And, what I mean by saying this is that if you are doing something artistic, something that you love, that you enjoy, well... make sure everyone who sees it, hears it, touches it, can tell it's your creation. Maybe that's the only true way we can reach a tiny bit of immortality, just a tiny bit.

My older brother, who has always been my right hand in all artistic endeavors, is even painting these last builds with some crazy colors, and I for one love it. This purple is attempting to slap you in the eye balls, and in person it truly accomplishes its goal.

I'll share more pictures, as more things get completed, but I wanted to leave some footprints on the o'l blockchain.


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I particularly like that color, so I look very pretty. It is normal to see colors such as black, white and red wine in these types of instruments, but purple is not a common color. I like it.

Nice picture. Those who do what they love seem to be the happiest and fulfilled. 👍

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I didn't even realize you built guitars - that's awesome. The original designs are definitely the way to go. It would be pretty interesting to see a cryptocurrency themed guitar.

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hey... not a bad idea at all... :)

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I wish you were closer, and I wish I could afford to buy one :) so many instruments I've had, I've never had an electric guitar XD Looking forward to see how it progresses!

Nice looking purple never is ugly! ;-)