My different ways to earn crypto (25 USD / 30 days)

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I am earning crypto in some different ways. Maybe I can inspire someone to start to earn more by using some of this ways.

Interest at Celsius
Put your money in Celsius wallet and get interest at it. This is similar like many other services. I get 4-8 % /year at Bitcoin, Eos and a lot of other crypto. Keep them and hodl - and get more of it.
The pay out interest every week.

How much?
I get about crypto for about 15 USD in 30 days for this.
Read more at Celsius

Splinterlands- Rent out cards
I have some cards that I am not using when I play. They have a value of total 30 USD. I rent them out for value/30 for every 30 days.
I think this is a very good way to do extra crypto and sometimes I thinking of investing in more exclusive cards that is easy to rent out. SO far just this cards.

How much
3 % of the cards value in 30 days. For me it is 1 USD

Read more at Splinterlands

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