Want to win something awesome? No upvote, resteem or follow required

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Prize equivalent to 10 steem

Well you can win something that could change your life, let me start to tell you why i am running this contest and what is it about.

Some of you may have heard of @silverstackeruk , he used to run a major part of @ssg-community but now he has started a new project called @spinvest which is a new token run on the steem-engine.com website, the token is used to make investments in everything from crypto to stocks and precious metals with only a million token to be issued and this project is only a week old, expect them to go fast

Why am i giving away 10 Spi tokens?

I am giving them away as i believe in him and his project, i also don't believe in get rich quick schemes and this one will be a slow and steady accumulation of profit with a very low risk.

The contest

I am saving up bits of scrap gold to make myself a Viking torc and i wanted to see roughly where i was up to in regards to the ammount i needed and this is where the contest comes in.

You have to guess the weight of the 9ct gold on the scales below, the rules are simple.
• Guess in grams
• You can't be over the weight
• Only one guess per account
• Contest closes when post closes

Just for reference

This is a no upvote, follow or resteem contest but i do appreciate an upvote as it helps me, you and everyone. Please checkout @spinvest as it may just turn out to be the next big thing.

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98g of greatness

104 grams.
Hope I am right!
Really believe in @spinvest!
Thanks for the chance!!

Why not! I'm going to go with 125 grams?

83 grams is my guess

Thanks very much for making this contest, should get a few extra eyes on SPI

my guess is 31 grams.

I'm going to guess 76g