Blockchain Chapel Curation Show #20

11개월 전

Blockchain Chapel Curation
Hi everyone! The 20th edition of the Blockchainchapel Curation Show will hold in the discord server by 9.30 pm GMT+1 tonight. Dtwo and I would be hosting the show as usual. The show is focused on curating quality posts that promote good morals in any article genre. They could be anything from business-related posts, poetry, fiction, health-related and so on. It is not a Christian curation show; the community's Christian curation show holds every Tuesday by 8 pm GMT+1 on the Whalshares official server.

All prospective presenters would be required to signify their interest to present a post within the first 15 minutes of the show by dropping their links in the comment section of this post between 10 pm and 10.15pm, after which other links would not be accepted. Also, everyone who presents their posts on the show would have to curate at least 3 posts dropped by other presenters. We try to make the time as interactive as possible and to this end, each presenter has to come on voice to present their article.

Date & Time: Friday 9.30pm GMT +1
Venue: Blockchainchapel Discord Server #lets-hangout channel & Hangout Voice
Show Hosts: @mosunomotunde & @dtwo

Join the Blockchain Chapel Discord community here. See you there!

Cheers and thanks for reading!!

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