The world is a frame

8개월 전

The world is a frame.The life is a playground.Man is lover .Sky is blue & broad ,blood is red, nature is green ,the sun is hotter but the beauty is always beauty.You cant't explain of a beauty.I think the beauty is a dance of once mind .YOu can fell it but no one can explain it without any object .

You can find the beauty in many place.It depands on you ,on which way you are using to see.I love to see the nature and I can find a lot of joy in my mind while seeing a baby is loving or while a animal is dancing in a open ground.

The dear is one of the most beautiful animal in the world I have ever seen.The beauty of dear cant be explaind in some article .The color and it is one of the fastest animal as I know.I have seen dear in a zoo various time but it's my dream that if once I can see dear in runing and playing in a open place.


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