Happy Together: CPS- Planned Parenthood & Legalized Kidnapping


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Talk about a marriage made in hell... evidence of what I've suspected for a long time has finally come up. Two of the most dedicated and powerful enemies of nuclear families, Child Protective Services & Planned Parenthood, have joined forces to legally kidnap children from loving homes after which many wind up in the hands of sex traffickers. As is usually the case both organizations target the underprivileged- those with the least resources to fight back.

CPS has always targeted the poor, people unable to afford high-priced lawyers to fight back against what are almost always illegal tactics used by CPS. Similarly, Planned Parenthood has opened the vast majority of their clinics in poor and predominately minority neighborhoods.

 Planned Parenthood is already engaged in the murder of millions of Americans and that has not stopped under President Donald Trump despite what the media and conservative talking heads tell you.  Additionally, we are discovering that Planned Parenthood is colluding with Child Protective Services to kidnap children from good, loving homes when a pregnant mother may come to Planned Parenthood for a free pregnancy test, only to turn around and anonymously report these women when they choose not to have an abortion.  CPS steps in, takes the children and threatens the mother that is she will not abort the child or even when they did, not only will they not give her children back, but they will take the child from her once it is born. 

Planned Parenthood uses fear and intimidation to force young women into what amounts to mandatory abortions. If the woman (often no more than girls) refuses the abortion PP turns them in to CPS who we all know will tell any lie when it comes to breaking up homes. The family court system, another willing accomplice to the kidnappings, very seldom if ever holds CPS accountable for their misdeeds. In essence the family court system is little more than a rubber-stamp service for the CPS bullies... now Planned Parenthood has joined the team, along with child abuse specialists in the medical profession, and of course the foster care system. 

The way it works is that if a woman with children refuses an abortion at PP, CPS steps in and removes the older children for fear that the mother "may not be able to feed, or provide electricity for the home," or any other of a plethora of weak excuses CPS can provide. The family court rubber stamps the case worker's "findings," which are no more than guesses or suppositions- then the children are placed in foster homes where the majority (over 66%) wind up in the sex trades. The US is still destination #1 for children trafficked for sex.

Former director of Baltimore City Department of Social Services, Molly McGrath Tierney, says that the biggest problem with social services- child abuse and neglect- is the foster care system itself. She says it's broken beyond repair- she attributes her success (her department won numerous rewards) was reuniting children with their parents.


Then why, given this success is foster care still the most widely used method of warehousing children? Profits. Not only from government grants but because the child sex-trafficking black market is one of the most profitable illegal trades in existence..., and now Planned Parenthood wants their cut.  James White of Northwest Liberty News, in an interview with pro-family activist Heather Hobbs says that "he has stumbled upon what is taking place in what he calls 'a contract forged in Hell.'"

 White recently interviewed Heather Hobbs, a Pro-Life Speaker, advocate for life, rape survivor, domestic violence activist, wife to an amazing husband, and mother of four based in Oregon. Hobbs says that in the past three months, there have been 3 mothers who had their children kidnapped by CPS suspiciously after going into Planned Parenthood and getting a free pregnancy test.  Planned Parenthood then smugly told the women that if they couldn’t afford a pregnancy test, they couldn’t afford a baby.  Of course, the idea is for Planned Parenthood to make a few bucks by pushing the murderous concept of aborting their little ones in their womb. 


Imagine all of the women that are afraid to come forward for fear of losing their children. Factor in the Child Abuse Specialists already in the hospitals that are more than happy to confirm anything CPS comes up with. Also, once that a child is taken it's almost impossible to get them back, particularly if the family doesn't have the financial means to fight back. This video is only 7 minutes long and I encourage everyone to watch it. The Nazi's in Germany had nothing on CPS when it comes to using bureaucratic hegemony to further a political ideology. More and more states are passing laws that allow doctors to murder infants after birth- similar to the Nazi's T-4 program that allowed doctors to refuse care- food, nourishment (milk) to babies declared "unfit" for life. If there's a difference between Planned Parenthood, CPS and the Nazis, I can't find it.

 When those women, who went to the same Planned Parenthood clinic, refused to murder their children, within 24-48 hours, CPS was contacted anonymously (yeah, right) and told the women were neglecting their children and couldn’t afford them, etc., etc. So, what happens?  CPS just comes right in with zero evidence and kidnaps their born children! I know, you’re thinking, this can’t be happening in America, but it is. Of course, CPS tried to cover themselves “legally” by implementing a “reunification plan,” which makes parents jump through all kinds of hoops to get their children back. However, in this case, part of the reunification plan is to murder the unborn child before getting the born children back. 

As the video states, the "reunification plan" consists of forcing women with no history of drug problems into drug treatment programs, anger management classes for people with no anger problems, etc.. The purpose is to strictly enforce a rigid control system that has been proved- once the state gets their hooks into you, it's impossible to get free. The unfortunate victims will have a life-long "partnership" with the state... just because Planned Parenthood wants more money and power. They are truly an evil organization and now they're partnered with another equally evil institution. CPS gets federal grants (see Safe Families Act of 1997) for every child taken from a loving home, and now PP wants in on the act (not to mention profits).

Those of us in the pro-family movement know that CPS has been a scourge on families wherever they should happen to be, whether it's here in the US, Canada, the UK, or elsewhere... I've heard horror stories from around the world. Now they've partnered with Planned Parenthood who not only push the evil of abortion masquerading as "women's health," but have aided and abetted sex traffickers, pimps and other degenerates (Democrats). Planned Parenthood has been on the front line of stopping legislation that would aid sex trafficking victims:

 In March of 2015, Planned Parenthood, with the help of Senate Democrats, filibustered SB 178, the “Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act,” intended to help victims of human trafficking. According to this bill, federal funds would not be used to pay for abortions given to victims of sex-trafficking, which would abet the trafficking industry itself. Essentially, the bill implied that Planned Parenthood could not receive taxpayer dollars for the abortions of sex-trafficking victims. The bill passed in May of that same year, but only after an amendment was made to fund these abortions with criminal fines and money previously appropriated by Congress. 

They have also used their clinics to help traffickers and pimps avoid prosecution by concealing the ages of the victims along with coaching traffickers as to how their underaged victims should answer questions.

 In 2007 and 2008, and undercover investigation launched by Live Action found that seven Planned Parenthood facilities in four states were willing to assist and hide an alleged sex-trafficking scheme by providing underage girls and their perpetrators with birth control, testing, and secret abortions.
In the United States, sex-trafficking of minors is a federal crime and punishable by imprisonment for 10 years to life (18 U.S. Code 1591). Any person who aids, abets, or counsels a federal crime to be committed may be punished as if they had committed the crime themselves (18 U.S. Code 2). 

This makes them accomplices, complicit in the crimes of the traffickers. This short video (10 min) shows a "counselor" at a Planned Parenthood clinic in New Jersey coaching a pimp:


Today is the 2020 March For Life, an event that has historically been ignored by the mainstream media (the Fake News Complex). President Trump will be the first American President to attend... what a wonderful show of support for America's families it would be for him to sign an Executive Order abolishing the Safe Families Act of 1997... no more bounties on America's children. CPS is and has done enough damage to America's families on their own without adding Planned Parenthood to their attack. Children need their parents- both of them. The government- particularly the Democrats with their "Great Society" programs of the 1960's- has done enough damage to the nuclear family. Strong families make a strong society- something the Democrats abhor the thought of. Divide and conquer is their strategy- the old Alinsky tactic embraced by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Ironically, it was the Democrats that passed the Mondale Act of 1973 that gave us CPS, the Safe Families Act of 1997... and are the biggest supporters of Planned Parenthood- Hillary got the Maggie Award, named after Margaret Sanger, the founder of PP who wanted to "exterminate the negro race." I wonder if there's a connection?





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"Child Protection Agencies" are taking children away from their loving families.

Thank you for sharing this very important information and that it is still happening all over the world, because majority of people don't know what is going on behind CPS and now Planned Parenhood which I have not heard of before.
We really need to spread the word and keep on fighting back for our children.

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