Happy Birthday to me

5개월 전


Quick post, just to say that today is my 29th birthday.

I am grateful for everything I have today and I hope that in the next 10 years I will achieve twice what I have achieved so far. I would give everything I have to have the knowledge of today at the age of 19, to be able to know that I don't have to run to get things and that happiness is in the moments of joy of each day.

Although I cannot celebrate with my parents and family due to the pandemic, I am going to meet with a few friends here at home, and celebrate in a more reserved but happy way.

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Feliz aniversário! Parabéns, seu post foi selecionado pelo projeto Brazilian Power, cuja meta é incentivar a criação de mais conteúdo de qualidade, conectando a comunidade brasileira e melhorando as recompensas no Steemit. Obrigado!