The stablecoins came to solve a problem

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Whether or not the stablecoins have some excellent advantages. Everyone in the cryptocurrency world knows that fiat currencies have huge problems. Economies are collapsing, but people still need a reliable currency to sell their products, both inside and outside of the countries which they live. The digital world hates inefficiency, which is why solutions have appeared in a short time. Cryptocurrencies were born, but along with them, other classes of problems were created, such as volatility in token prices.

To solve this problem, stablecoins were created, which have almost instant, cheap transfers, without any kind of barrier, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The problem in this case is that the stablecoins have a fixed price (which name it) compared to a fiat currency. So if you want to send 10 dollars to a friend, you can send 10 USDT today or a month from now, with the guarantee that its value will remain the same. Therefore, it is normal to see an asset that has all the advantages of fiat currencies, let alone its disadvantages to have a sudden increase in its use. To give you an idea, Tether, known as USDT, has more than 9 billion tokens created, and more than 40 billion transaction volume per day.

With the advent of Libra, Facebook's digital currency, the expression "stablecoin" became more popular, especially after people started asking if they could be used within traditional markets.

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