Daily s77assistant Report #23

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Welcome to the #23 Daily Edition of s77Assistant report.

New Functionality Added. Now you can use s77assistant to vote other posts. check command section for more info.


Due the recent update from nathanmars s77assistant will go public and will not require you to be a member of seven77 network anymore to benefit from s77assistant.
Free Votes will be reduced to 0 and the spare voting power will be use to boost delegators vote weight.
Only members that delegate SP to s77assistant will be counted as active members.
s77assistant will be continue to develop and more functionalities will be added in near future.


4/8/2019New Functionality Added. now you can use s77assistant to vote other posts. check command list for more info.
28/7/2019s77assistant now support commands!!!
27/7/2019Because some seven77 members don't post every day and they loose their vote s77assistant will upvote comments that are less than 4 days old too.
21/7/2019EnhancedSBI functionality enabled
14/7/2019s77assistant will inform two unregistered seven77 members every hour about his existence. this is an one time message only
14/7/2019s77assistant now select a random post that is less than 4 days old to vote and not the last post
14/7/2019Fixed an issue that tag people that don't want it anymore
13/7/2019s77assistant will replay to all posts that include introduceyourself tag that are less than 5 days old and inform them about seven77 challenge and s77assistant existence
13/7/2019I am removing tagname list because too many complaint about that


s77assistant was created by @dragonblades and the purpose is to support all members that delegate power by mainly upvoting their post using all available voting power per day ( 20% ).

Eligible users

All users that delegate power to s77assistant.

How to enter

Registration is automatic, you only have to be a follower of s77assistant.

Point System

s77Assistant is based on a point system. Members with more points get higher votes and they have higher priority.

How it works

Every day at midnight s77assistant will update all users data (delegation, points etc) and will recalculate every variable.
maxPointsPerVote will be calculated with the following formula:

maxPointsPerVote = totalMemberPoints / 10 votes

Every time vote power is reaching 100% a member will get a vote.
All total 10 votes ( 20% vote power ) will be shared between all s77assistant members based on the following formula:

VoteWeight = currentMemberPoint / maxPointsPerVote

If for any reason a member has more points than maxPointsPerVote that points will not be wasted instead it will be used as a boost to other members.

Earning Points

There are 2 different ways to collect points (for now):

1. Delegation

SteemPower is the key for s77Assistant to work and delegators must be rewarded for that.
More delegated power mean that each vote worth more and the ROI is higher.
Once a day each member that delegated power to s77Assistant will increased his points based on the following formula:
pointsPerDay = delegatedSP * SteemSBDRatio / 7
if dragonblades delegates 175SP and 1 steem worth 0.4 SBD then each day he will get 175 * 0.40 / 7 = 10 points.

2. Transfer SBD/STEEM

Another way to increase your points is by sending SBD or STEEM to s77Assistant.
For every SBD you send you will get SBD * 100 points ( min 1 SBD )
For every Steem you send you will get Steem * SteemSBDRatio * 100 ( min 2 Steem ).
Steem/SBD will be used for other functions that are not implemented yet to s77assistant.

Voting Rules

Every day s77Assistant will use 20% of its power to upvote all registered member posts with the following rules and order.

  1. Member with the most points will get a full vote and has the higher priority. He/she will be voted first.
  2. Each of the following members will get a vote based on their points every time vote power reach 100%.
  3. At the time of your vote turn if you don't have an unvoted post or comment on a 25 posts depth that is less than 4 days old then s77assistant will skip you for that day. this is very rare to happen.

s77assistant commands


The s77assistant will execute in sequence all the commands found on your comments and that are included in the following command list.
You can use more than one command in every comment.

From now on you can create vote rules with command createrule and has the following syntax:


  1. memberToVote is the member that you want s77assistant to vote with your vote power.
  2. post can have the following options:
    1. random: s77assistant will try to find a post or comment that is unvoted and less than 4 days old to vote. this rule will be used every day. if there is not any available posts/comments this rule is skipped.
    2. permlink: s77assistant vote the current post and remove the current rule.
  3. voteWeight: eligible values are from 500-10000 (5%-100%) of your calculated vote weight. if rule.voteWeight exceed your voteWeight then rule.voteWeight will be reduce to match your voteWeight.

Every day at your voting round this rule will be applied first.
if you are eligible for a 100% vote with a vote worth of $0.05 s77assistant will try to find a random post or comment of user dragonblades and do a 50% vote ($0.025).
You will get the rest 50% ($0.025) vote when the vote power of s77assistant reach 100%
if there is not any available post/comment the vote will be skipped and you get the 100% vote.
All votes will be applied first if you have more than one voting rules.

This rules will be used only once and will be removed after the s77assistant votes the post. s77assistant will vote the current post/comment with a 30% vote.
if the post/comment is already voted by s77assistant then this rule will be skipped.

you can have multiple vote rules active at any time.
for example if we combine the two above vote rules s77assistant will use 80% of his power to vote the above posts and the rest 20% to vote your post.

you have the option to remove a vote rule at any time by using removerule with the following syntax:

parameter can be one of the following options:

  1. all: will remove all your voting rules.
  2. allrandom: will remove all your voting rules that select a random post/comment.
  3. allposts: will remove all your voting rules that has a permlink.
  4. permlink: will remove your voting rule that has the specific permlink.
  5. @membername: will remove all your voting rules with the specific memberName.

Command List

!tagmeEnable mention on Daily Reports.
!untagmeRemoves mention from Dialy Reports.
!createruleCreates a vote rule that will be applied on your next voting round. you can have multiple vote rules
!removeruleRemove one or many vote rules.

Enhanced SteemBasicIncome (SBI) functionality.

Most steem members know about SteemBasicIncome and how it works.
If you don't know what SBI is read this post.
EnhancedSBI is a s77assistant functionality that allows you to earn 50% more SBI / Steem.
s77assistant is not SteemBasicIncome and don't have the same functionality it is only a middleman that increase your steem by 1 for every 2 your send.
You will get your SBI and your votes from SteemBasicIncome and not s77assistant.
enhancedSBI already used 27 times and sends 81 STEEMS to SteemBasicIncome of which 54 was from members and other 27 from s77assistant.

Eligible members.

EnhancedSBI is available only to active members that delegated SP to s77assistant.

How EnhancedSBI works.

  1. You send a fixed amount of 2 steems to s77assistant with memo 2for3.
  2. s77assistant read the memo and enable enhancedSBI. you will earn SBI and not points for this transaction.
  3. s77assistant increase your amount by 1 steem and send a total of 3 steems to SteemBasicIncome with your username.
  4. SteemBasicIncome gives you 3 SBI shares (2 from your payment and 1 from s77assistant EnhancedSBI functionality)

enhancedSBI Rules.

  1. enhancedSBI has a fixed amount of 2 steems ( subject to change in future if s77assistant grow enough)
  2. You have to include 2for3 text as memo only.
  3. if you send more or less the transaction will be canceled and you will be refunded.
  4. if you send SBD with memo 2for3 they will be converted to points and not SBI shares.

EnhancedSBI Limitations

Because s77assistant pays for the third steem of every EnhancedSBI transaction this functionality is limited to s77assistant steem balance and can be used only once per day per eligible member. This is to secure that more members can benefit from this functionality.
At current time s77assistant can support only 2 transactions.


Full vote worth$0.0309
All time vote value$6.5311
Total 24h vote value$0.3055

Active s77assistant members.

MemberRegistration DateTotal PointsDelegated SPTotal $Today $

Registered users but not s77assistant followers.

member NameRegistration DateTotal PointsDelegated SP

Registered users but not delegators.



s77Assistant is under development and maybe some rules or calculation formula will change in the future to be more fair.
More functions will be added in future so every s77member can grow his account.

Quick example ( and more maths )

Maybe someone believe that delegating 1000SP to s77assistant for a 0.02$ vote per day is not worth it because of ROI.
1000SP worth 350$ (1000 * 0.35) for a 0.02$ vote worth.
( 0.02$ * 365days ) / 350$ = 2% per year.
Imagine the following scenario:
If s77assistant has 8000SP delegated by 8 members with 1000SP his 100% vote worth 0.16$. Because s77Assistant uses all his 20% voting power every day every member will get 0.16$ each day. 0.16$ * 365days / 350$ = 16%.
Different scenarios with lower or higher ROI can exist because of curation rewards and point system but one think is for sure. you earn more with s77Assistant than every other bot because the key difference is that s77Assistant is using all 20% voting power every day


s77assistant search for the last 25 posts of any user and removes resteems. if at the time of your vote you don't have any unvoted post you will loose your daily vote. this may only happen if someone resteem a lot and don't post often.

The key limitation of s77Assistant is that it gains his power from delegators.
if no one delegate power to s77Assistant then this project is worthless but if some members delegate power to s77Assistant no matter if there are a lot or not, s77Assistant will be powerfull and his vote will worth a lot. A high value vote that you will be the receiver.


To delegate to s77Assistant, you can use any of the following links:
10SP, 20SP, 30SP, 50SP, 100SP, 250SP, 500SP, 1,000SP, 5,000SP, Custom Amount
Make sure you have at least 15 SP left on your account.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Hi! I am a robot. I just upvoted you! Readers might be interested in similar content by the same author:

Very interesting - I like the changes - I will try to increase delegation !


Thank you for your support :D

This functionality would be great when s77assistant have alot of SP.
Now you can support all your favorite authors / steemians etc with an auto vote.

EnhancedSBI is done
Vote other post/comments is done

Now i have to think what else can i implement.

Suggestions are open!!!


hi - I am not good at technical details ✌️

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s77assistant now support 2 additional commands

  1. createrule
  2. removerule

createRule creates a voting rule that will apply before s77assistant votes your comment/post.
for example:
if you createrule(@dragonblades, random, 5000) s77assistant will upvote one random post of mine with a voting 50% voteweight before your vote and will do this every day.
you can remove this rule with removerule(@dragonblades)

use can use a single post upvote if you include post-permlink (only post-permlink not full address) instead of random.
example: createrule(@dragonblades, actifit-dragonblades-20190805t094028740z, 5000) will upvote the current post with a 50% vote weight and after that it will remove the current rule.
voteweight must be more than 500 > (5%)

50% applies on your calculated vote weight.
if s77assistant vote your post with a 90% power then 50% vote rule is a 45% vote.
don't forget to use ! before createrule or removerule.

now s77assistant has 2300 SP and an 100% vote worth $0.03.
if s77assistant reach 25000SP the vote worth will be near $0.30 maybe a little more than that.
rules will be more valueable then because you can use s77assistant to upvote an artist or steemian or a post that you want with a vote weight of 5%-100%


many thanks for the very detailed answer 🙏 good bro work ✔️🐳

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thank you too for the support

Great work, keep it up.