Quotes and Sayings [EN/DE] #40

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Quotes and Sayings

-Episode 40

Don't ask yourself what's right, ask yourself how you feel. Stop asking if you can, but ask if you want to.

Julia Engelmann

Zitate und Sprüche

-Folge 40

Frag dich nicht, was richtig ist, sondern frag dich, was du fühlst. Hör auf zu fragen, ob du kannst, sondern frag doch, ob du willst.

Julia Engelmann



See you next Time.
Bis zum nächsten mal.



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I disagree that any rewards should be given for someone else's work, you've just copy and pasted someone else's original work - sure you attribute the source but you don't add any of your own ideas, so this post holds no value.

Might not be so bad if it wasn't for pretty much every single post of yours is done in exactly this same way..


Welcome @kharma.scibbles

Thank you so much for your opinion.
Everyone has a different view about it, it's ok if you don't like it.

Thank you for explaining your Downvote.

I want to give people quotes and sayings from other people. This is my main topic.

I will try to think about how I can contribute something of my own.

Thank you very much for the suggestion!

I wish you a nice week!

If you continue to post unoriginal content using the palnet and creativecoin tag you will be muted from both front-ends and you will never again receive rewards from these tokens. Both tribes are against plagiarism and unoriginal content, and creativecoin is only meant to be for creative posts!


Okay, I get it because of the Crativecoin.
But palnet I do not understand, please explain it to me!?!?

I don't want to use a wrong hash tag!

I don't understand why my posts should be unoriginal? Just because you don't like them or why?

I don't want to argue, I just want to understand.

You wrote in your own post that palnet is a general tribe so I don't understand it :)


Yes Palnet is general topic but original content only. Posting quotes you find on the internet is not original. Why should you be paid for copying someone else's work?

*also I see someone else explained it to you pretty clearly in another comment, I hope this is clear now. Maybe you can add some personal thoughts on what those quotes mean to you?


Oh so ok now I understand it better!

That is a good idea from you thank you very much!
I will think about it for a while and see how I do it differently.
But writing my own thoughts about the quotes is a great idea.

Personally they often help me a lot and I think it could help other people too.

I thank you very much and I will make myself a few thoughts.

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