Can you pick the lie? - WIN 10 SBI - 2 truths 1 lie!

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The name of the game is 2 truths 1 lie and the rules of the game are simple.

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t's time to play a little game and as a bonus, you can walk away winning SBI and be the blogger featured in next week's game!
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3 statements are provided about a featured Steemitmama. Two of them are true and one of them is false.

The statements are given in random order and correct statements can be found and confirmed on the featured bloggers' account.

Contestants who are playing all have to guess which of the 3 statements are false by simply commenting on this post.

No upvote or resteem is required but greatly appreciated to help our Steemitmamas community account grow, so we can continue to give back to our community even more.

The person who guesses correctly will claim bragging rights win SBI and be featured here next week.

In the event there is a tie the winners will be selected by a random number generator.

You do not need to be a member of the steemitmamas community to join in this weeks competition, but if you are a mum, step-mum,grandmother and haven't popped over to visit us be sure to click on the Steemitmamas banner to join us in our discord server. We cannot wait to connect with you!

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This week was a landslide win for @thekitchenfairy with her answer;

David is the son, not Daniel

Congratulations @thekitchenfairy!!!

This weeks featured author and steem witness @thekitchenfairy is a mumma 2 ridiculously cute boys! An Australian currently living in Canada, when @thekitchenfairy isn't busy baking up a storm for her home run bakery you can find usually find her strumming her favorite tunes on her ukelele on Dtube for the blockchain.

This weeks featured author 1.png

Check out her blog to find out which of the following statements are a lie.

Which of the following statements is a lie?

1. I love Harry Potter, but I have never read any of the books.
2. Ripley's Believe It or Not? was one of my favorite television shows back in the day.
3. 6 years in a row I have won the @stevescoins's annual Halloween fun contest

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Be sure to visit @thekitchenfairy page if you need a little helping hand to get your hands on the SBI and most importantly the Stemmitmamas bragging rights, and while you are there be sure to follow her to keep up to date on her new blog posts.

Let the games begin and good luck to all our contestants.

Lots of love @mumma-monza xo

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Are you a mom, expecting mom, stepmom, an adoptive mom or grandma? If so we’d love to have you join us! We’re a Fun Lovin’ Supportive group of Mamas sharing our everyday victories and trials as we live this thing called Life. Please click on the banner below to join us on Discord!


Last weeks winner @elianaicgomes received her 10 SBI payment already! Will you be next?


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1 is a lie


It's a draw!!! Your random number for the draw is 1


I got my fingers cross!

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It's a draw!!! Your random number for the draw is 2

Since everyone has answered 1 or 3 I am gonna have to go for 2 what would be the fun otherwise :)


It's a draw!!! Your random number for the draw is 4

#3 is the lie! And, how come I didn't know that she had a home based business as a bakers??? SMH to me!

I tried the trendotoken feature for this post - let's see if it works.


it worked :-)


It's a draw!!! Your random number for the draw is 3


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Thanks for featuring me, Mama!

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