Men's mental health: How I overcame negative thoughts travelling and skateboarding


This video is a continuation from my first video on mental health.

"Men's mental health, how I handled my dark period through skateboarding and music" .

In this video I am talking about the mental health benefits of travelling . It all started when I decided to get out of the four bleak walls of my flat and go to the skate park. From there I built up the confidence to go to other skate parks and meet more people. By sharing my videos on YouTube, Instagram and the Steemit blogging site I decided I wanted to travel and meet the people I had interacted with in different countries.

With these goals in hand the dark days didn't last for long as I had something to look forward to . In addition to this I can also take the time to look back and smile about the places and experiences I have had.

The music is a song I wrote about 10 years ago when I was in a low period and envisioned myself as a lonely loser drunkenly walking the quiet streets on a loop. I found it quite refreshing to revisit my bleak prediction of my future and compare it with what I actually achieved.
Link to the song can be found here

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Oh man, still remeber that slam at Barcelona. Shit was painful. Good times though!

That halfcab crook at the courthouse is so sick man. Stocked to see it everytime. You look super-healthy now by the way and I love the longer hair Stix style. Hehehe

P.S Sick editing man, you are getting better and better with every video.


Thanks alot my dude . Hopefully we can skate together this year

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bull's-eye !!! I love music and skateboarding



Hey thanks alot and thanks for the comment

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I love how your negative thoughts are an alien. Good job not letting those thoughts hold you back. You accomplished a lot this year dude! You are quite the globe trekking men's health promoting skate trick landing video editing musician par excellence! Love you bro


The alien is gonna be making many appearances . He is the alter ego .

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