Skateboard and music trip to Amsterdam


This is some clips from last weeks trip to Amsterdam. The skatepark I got to skate is called Skatepark Noord which is an awesome place and you should check it out.

While I was in Amsterdam I also worked on some music with some friends. This became the soundtrack for the trip. The band is called Ctrlfuture check it out @ctrlfutureband. The songs are called "Edi's dream" and "Edi"

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Super brother edition, I loved that real music, and I was impressed by that skatepark is a damn dream would be happy skating in that park all day really, you killed with those tricks very good every brother.


Thanks dude I was super stoked on the manual at the end have not landed one that good in years.

Duuude you killed it! That 180 fakie manny was SO GOOD. And that halfcab nose 180 was fucking awesome too.
Beast mode on at Amsterdam.


We need to go there the park is so rad . I was stoked on that manual have not done one that good in a long time

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Hi stickchumpion,

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nice dude love the music - you playing drums on these tracks? Cool skate video as well your editing is getting better :)


On these tracks I did some keyboard bass on the slow bits but mainly my friends I stayed with in Amsterdam ( the two girls in the video skating) . I have a crazy idea I want to run past you will message you in discord .

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This is great, this is music and it has a unique style. I congratulate you and I hope you continue working on this

Greetings from Venezuela


Hi thanks for the compliment it inspires me to do more . Thanks from London