Investments Refle(x)ctions #3 - Invest Wisely


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What is better: Invest in something you do not know but promising that it will return 200% per month? or Invest in something that you do know and it may return around 20% monthly? To invest or not no invest, that is the question.

Hello Crypto-Nauts, I hope you may be having a great time in life, otherwise, please sit alone for a while(you can put a nice music like this one or as this one, like a soft background) and start asking yourself very deep questions. Have you ever wonder about if life is making us the way or if we are making our way in life? That may be a good start point. Then plan and start. Time is running Up and life is too short to waste it.

Many people are looking for Investments, including myself. So far I have experienced the following:

  1. Investing in something that you do no understand it has more risk because you don't have a real clue about it. You cannot know how the money will be produced and this is a real risk and probably, a bad investment.
  2. Every investment needs research time from the investor(which means You). The time you research it, can be proportionally to the success or failure you may get from it.
  3. The less is your work(about taking real actions), the higher is the risk of loosing all. I will quote one of my recent failures so you can get the idea.
  4. If an investment takes time, there is a big chance that your returns may be big.
  5. If you can control the process as much as you can, then you have higher probabilities of getting a good money. Every time we cannot control, we have more risks involves and many other variables that may fail.

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The Golden Ticket

How nice it would be, being in a paradise beach(a.k.a Fiji) drinking a cold beer, with a beautiful girl(preferable naked) by your side making you a nice feet massage. You with your SmartPhone just checking your 10 passive investments and watching how the money is flowing into your accounts...

Buddy, wake up! This is the "golden eggs chicken" many of us are looking for but guess what: for each person looking for the golden ticket, there is 2 people looking to show you a very well elaborated SCAM that can make you believe that you have found it.

Money & Business takes time

When we see somebody like Warren Buffett or Elon Musk we only see results. We see only what they have accomplished now. Must of us do not see is the hard work from years, mostly decades, that they had to do in order to become what they did. Making a real business takes time.

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Internet Era

So we are still believing in fast money just because this internet era makes everything looks so easy just by giving a click away. Do not let fool yourself. One thing is buy something online by doing click and another thing very different is all the hard work behind that click in order to make it happen.

A better focus

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I can see that things that take time to build and to process, have more chance of give us better results. Let us take for example an University Degree. It took m around 7 years to become Electronic Engineer in Computer Science. At some point I remember I was about to quit, just because one class called "Hardware Design", but I didn't. I said to myself:

It took me around 5 years to get here. I didn't like maths and after 5 calculus I am starting to like all this numbers. So I will finish this no matter what.

This effort, this experience and this process, took me many time, nights and days. It made me appreciate my own self-steem and effort. I did this and after that I knew I could do anything that I could want in my life. The business was finish the career and get the degree. My currencies invested was: time & money. So next time you think about looking for how to get rich quick remember all the things you have done that took a lot of time and effort.

Play safe & Play smart

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If we really want to do something in life and if we have some means to get it, virtually nothing can stops Us but God. If you want to make real money, invest your time wisely and create or invent something around what you love or something around what you already know. Do not fool yourself believing about passive income, thinking that there is still altruist people who are willing to give money away almost for free. This is a nice dream but nothing more than that.

  • If an idea takes your time and true effort, then you will know all about it. You may change it anytime or improve it. Your chances of succeeding are bigger.
  • If a business you do needs a lot of work, it will pay off in time if you are patience enough.

All those guys like Bill Gates and even @Ned Scott took a lot of time and now they can enjoy the benefits.

Should I sacrifice myself?

We need to have fun while we are doing our business idea or our project. There is no need of sacrifice all your needs or all your time just pretending that someday I will enjoy after this succeed. We need some kind of fuel and this fuel is our own happiness and joy. We will only experience Joy and Happiness if we balance ourselves with hard work and fun.

What if I do not have the money to enjoy a fancy dinner while I am executing my business?

We as human may get many shitty ideas in our heads if we left others(media & tv) influence ourselves. We do not need a fancy dinner in order to celebrate, do we? A nice salami + a six pack beers in a park can be enough if we have our minds set with a solid focus on what we are doing and what it will be the final result. I wonder if @ned had many nights eating a normal pizza with their friends while developing steemit and I guess they were very happy and focused.

So do not let anyone or anything influence yourself. You are happy by nature and you can be happy while taking your resources to a minimum in order to prioritise your money and time.

Some of my recent experience

I did some posts about this Asian Guys called "FXTrading Corp". I had my doubts about this "Passive Income generated from trading Robots" but I decided to invest. Now I can say to myself by the third time:

Learn to invest and make a business about it. Make it YOU. Control it and do whatever it takes to make it happen if you really want to get real passive income in your life.

The guys from "FXTradingCorp" decided some days ago to "Close their business" because of "the exchanges". They affirmed that they will gives back the money(our initial investments). So you may think:

  • They were honest people who were doing a great business for over 1 years but "suddenly they have found some problems" so they are giving the money back.

But the truth is They are planning to open an Exchange by their own this July 15th. Do you know how much money you need to open an exchange? It is a lot of money. So basically after gather all the money, they have gathered enough money to open the real business they were after about.

This is my opinion and I guess if you do your own research you will see that even their website it is been take down. So there is no way now to link their new future exchange site to their previous "plan/scam".

This why I said for each people looking to get rich quick there is 2 people showing a nice "Parade".

Always invest just what you are willing to loose

This time I did invest around $310 which I had only to investments. I do not know if they will pay me back this money and honestly I knew my risks and every day I can convince myself more about the real way to make money is by doing the hard work even if it takes years to do.

So Peace OUT.

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As long as you learn from your mistakes it is money well spent. It's called the university of hard knocks....


Very good philosophy mate. Thanks for you comment.

As long as you learn from your mistakes it is money well spent. It's called the university of hard knocks....

This is a wealth of great information, thank you so much for writing and sharing

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