More of Something Bad Isn't Better

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I try to stay up to date on what's happening in the financial markets, specifically as it relates to inflation and the Fed. I think the most interesting thing I heard today was from Gregory Mannarino (@marketreport). According to him, Morgan Stanley said that the Fed will need to grow its balance sheet permanently. That means continual quantitative easing, aka bailouts.

The dollars in our pockets and bank accounts are not special. More are being printed and/or created with the push of a button every day. This "expansion of the Fed's balance sheet" means the market manipulation will continue. I wouldn't be surprised to see the stock market continue to rise as a result of the abundant free money.

There's no telling when it will all fall apart, but I think it will continue for a while. It could be a good ride to jump off of. There's no substitute for tangible assets. Most of the world has been told that gold is nothing but a commodity, that there's no use for it. Heck, even Dave Ramsey isn't a fan of gold. It's no wonder that most people only invest in the intangible products that Wall Street sells. It's going to be a messy day when everyone realizes that the paper promises are worthless.

How's your financial protection plan going?

Not investment advice. Do your own research.

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A different problem and always the same 'solution', PRINT! to prop up the prices of paper assets nobody wants or can afford.

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"But this time will be different!" Yeah, sure.

Real estate, IRA, fiat stack, guns and ammo, prep for emergencies, precious metals stacking.. the way to go, I think, @themanwithnoname

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It sounds like you're well-diversified. Definitely beats having your money in a money market account. That's likely to be all just trapped money.