How Certain is your Certitude?

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I notice that a large power-down is happening here, I don't know if he intends on selling to the market, but if he does, I wonder which blockchain communist is going to invest $91,000 to offset the downward pressure this will cause to the value of Steem on the market. Oh, that's right, communists want the free stuff, while others are willing to venture out into a world of uncertainty with their money on the line.

With this #newsteem system, you will certainly have less upward pressure on the market value of Steem until the next BTC (untethered pump and dump or) surge. We shall see how it plays out, methinks "outlook not so good." Chasing away stakeholders doesn't at all seem wise to me. Put yourself in the shoes of an investor. Ask yourself who will pick up the slack and why.

Investors with capital want to put their money to work for them. So by closing off the bid bot businesses, your asking investors to invest so that they can work as full-time curators. That's not a super sticky selling point to people who are uninitiated to the Steem ecosystem. It's much easier to do something easy.

Just like lightning, capital tends to travel the path of least resistance. Whether or not the bid bot system is capitalism or profiteering is debatable. I'm sure the same can be said for many businesses in a free market, e.g., what is the ethical price to sell a bottle of water for? For me the answer is simple; If you don't like the price, don't buy the water. Since PoB does not exist on Steem—It means that curation is, and never will be "fair," and thus, a natural market for bid-bots presented itself.

Is the #newsteem system more moral than the old Steem system? I guess it all depends on how you look at it. Now when I spend an hour or several hours writing an article, with a mere click of the mouse, curators can receive 50% of the rewards. Sure, it encourages curation, and that is a good thing. However, one might conclude that it's just as immoral as owning a bid bot business. It only takes a curator a few minutes to read the post, but with a single click, they can reap a large chunk of the rewards.

An inherent problem baked into the nature of governance is that when laws get codified, be it in the blockchain or the statutes, they carry with them an air of legitimacy, no matter how questionable they are. Many know what the term "highway robbery" is. Meanwhile, less are familiar with the term "civil asset forfeiture." The effect is the same.

So now on this blockchain, we've moved away from the advertising. A "problem" that the blockchain caused because of its inherent flaws, and now we move into the realm of record company pimping. Which is more moral, which is more immoral? I certainly couldn't tell you, but I live in a world of gradient grays where there is a lot of hazy haze.

The image abvoe is brought to you courtesey of Kisscc0.

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It only takes a curator a few minutes to read the post, but with a single click, they can reap a large chunk of the rewards.

Holy crap!! @thoughts-in-time. Are you smoking your poppy made shoes or something? Are you by chance implying that these blooming #newsteem 'curators' are READING something before voting or actually can READ at all? };)


: -)

I think many are, unless they're doing it just for the money.


I think many are, unless they're doing it just for the money.

Haha yeah. What would you think is the evident & evidential case? :)

I can't recall the specific movie right now. I'm not sure if it was Phenomenon starring John Travolta or Starman starring Jeff Bridges. But I actually remember some scenes where one of these fuckers could READ and absorb the content of an entire 500 pages book or encyclopedia in less than 5 seconds through their fingers.

Maybe these #newsteem 'curators' can leave to any of these movie stars biting the dust with the speed of their new 'mind reading' skillz. LoL


I think I've seen both. I can't remember which movie it was either. However, reading via osmosis would be something else. Closest I can get to it is listening via high-speed TTS. YouTube is pretty cool too. You can speed the lectures up to x2. So you can cut an intolerable 30-minute talk from a slow speaker into an easily digestible 15 minutes. When Elon Musk comes out with his brain chip, I wonder if, at some point, people will download books straight into their heads. That'd change all the things and stuff.