Drink Bleach to Kill the Virus!


At times of uncertainty, the only certainty there is that in the USA is they have a lunatic political system controlling their country and through it most of the world.


Is the virus real? Trump said it's not and suggested his people drink bleach to kill it, then he said he had the virus, the Chinese Virus, that is. Then he miraculously and in a couple of days came out of it as a 'superman', he did ask to wear the Superman suit when discharged from the hospital which he doesn't pay proper taxes to fund.

Now the media is telling that their county is facing its 'most severe surge of the pandemic':


Is it really the virus or the Chinese virus or the elections virus?

Whenever I share the daily statistics of the virus counts in Syria, many pop up their heads shouting it's a scam and Syria shouldn't fall for it. Syria, the country that most of the world either conspired against it or stood aside watching it fight the international evil dumped on it for years before some slowly started showing up for help when they felt the heat is coming to them. That country, which the terrorists destroyed most of its once thriving healthcare system which was next to free and at least 5 times cheaper than the cheapest neighboring country and more advanced than many, they want it to stand up against the whole world, those same 'activists' criticizing this single periodic post are the ones ignoring the real posts about casualties and damages I'm sharing and refuse to assist even in a like or visiting a sponsored ad for a few seconds which helps me continue posting. Now we have this from the USA.

So help us, God.

Your objective comments are always welcome.

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Something is very real, the chaos and the collapse, the hungry for control, is not even a country or a single government pushing that. Best wishes on the struggles!

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