Libertarianism doesn't preclude criticism of the business practices of people who make a lot of money.

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One myth about libertarianism that really needs to be put down is the idea that libertarians, by default, have to like or defend a private company's business practices.

My experience with Amazon during the pandemic was awful and the processes in place, that I witnessed, were fucking stupid.

Basically, Amazon went full Fauci (aka: retard) in its operations. They did everything that they could to take human contact out of day to day work. This went far enough that there was nobody and no number that you could call to speak to an actual person if you were sick. In fact, I encountered people who literally vomited in front of "supervisors" (using the word liberally) and/or the onsite nurse and that report wasn't good enough to excuse an absence or an early dismissal from work. This is all while they were beating it into their employees that if you felt sick you should stay home.

The only excused absence or early dismissal would need to come from a doctor's note. Again, there was no digression on the part of the supervisors or the onsite nurse. That might have been all well and good for some people; but, if you worked nights and weekends, you were fucked if you got sick.

Doctors need evidence to write notes. You can't be projectile vomiting on Saturday and go to your doctor on Monday after you've recovered and get a note. You might be fine if you work during normal business hours during the week. If you work nights and weekends, your best shot is to spend a full day's wage to go to urgent care. The problem is, where I live, most urgent care places are gonna be closed. You're left with a choice between going to the ER with a scratchy throat (which was basically my experience when I finally got Covid) or getting hit with a no call/no show from your employer.

It was really dumb how Amazon handled the whole situation. It doesn't make me any less of a libertarian for pointing that out. Really, if it weren't for the lockdowns making it illegal to get your stuff from any sources other than companies like Amazon, I think Amazon would have lost money during the pandemic.

There are a lot of private companies that freely do stupid things. Sometimes they do downright evil things.

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