What a crazy crazy week


I been trying to make a point get back into blogging here regularly

And had been doing good, then the pandemic situation hit and I have been super busy over the last 8 days. If you are a long time reader you might have read about me posting about Bug out bags and being prepared for anything. So when this hit I didn't need to run and get supplies I already have them. But many of my friends and family didn't have the supplies they needed. So since my son works at a grocery store and I am his transportation to and from work, I have gone in daily to get supplies for my friends and family that are immune compromised or elderly. My husband also has a job that is considered an essential job in the food process industry. Besides operating what business stuff I could while closing my other business for the next 30 days. I am a little sad about that but I decided last week it is best to close for at least 30 days and reevaluate then if it needs to be longer. I am a little behind on editing the wedding I shot 6 days ago but I should have free time tomorrow to work on them. Though I did get a few shots worked on and back to my niece as it was her wedding I shot. It was apart as my gift to them and I am normally on getting things like this done quickly but this pandemic happened. (sorry for rambling)

The bride and groom

The Wedding Party

My daughter and her boyfriend at the wedding, I rarely get that $6000 smile in photos, yes $6000 is what her braces cost and why I refer to it as a $6000 smile.

The pandemic

Things are crazy crazy out there. I personally have been slowly stock piling for years extra food, cleaning, hygiene products. I first started with food, years ago after a divorce I had 3 small children and was extremely poor, I had very little money and even less food I was eating every 2 to 3 days to make sure my kids had enough, I had applied for food stamps but I was waiting to get approved, it took from April to September before they approved me, then gave me back pay in the food stamps, seriously I didn't need $1500 in food stamps in September but I took that money and started stock piling foods that don't go bad quickly. It was a good thing because I wasn't on food stamps but a few months before I got back on my feet, but we would see other times where money was tight but because I got that stock pile back then, I was able to maintain a good stockpile using the first in, first out rule. Then my oldest got sick and money got tight and all that stockpile was gone, we had a personal emergency. Once that was over with, I slowly regained a stockpile buying an extra can or two, or an extra hygiene or cleaning item, even in tight financial times I was able to add an extra can of peas or corn to the shopping list for leaner times, because there can always be leaner times.

I buy in bulk paper products

I have a Sam's Club Membership. Yes it cost $45 a year but a pack of 9 Mega Rolls of Toilet Paper runs between $9 to $13 a pack depending on the brand in nearly every grocery store or box store in the United States. 5 packs of toilet paper that have 9 mega rolls costs me $22 or less, so after buy two packs of 5 packages of toilet paper in bulk vs buying it at the grocery store I have not only paid for the membership but also I have started saving money. I buy other things in bulk there too, and also save on gas when I am in the area by getting my gas there. This week gas was $1.69 at Sam's club I haven't seen gas that cheap since before 9/11. But my point is if everyone bought just a few extra items when there isn't an emergency and gained a stockpile there wouldn't be a rush on items when there is an emergency.

So when this is over even if you don't have much money

Slowly buy extra items because it isn't a matter of if it is a matter of when something else will happen. And the thing is anything can happen, it could be a personal emergency, or a disaster, or a pandemic, or even a war. I been told before I go over board with my prepping, but those same people were calling me when they couldn't find items. So when I can I been picking up extra items when I find them to give to my family and friends that are not prepared and can't find any items. So far I have given away 3 packs of TP and some rolls from another pack. I am not breaking the packs up to stretch it among multiple people. This is a video I took two days ago while out in Anderson, Indiana. It is seriously crazy out there, this store because they use a lot of local sources has been better stocked than most. Though it is still crazy how empty they have been.

I did get two packages that I have actually since given away to those in need

Why should you prep

So you have all the things you and your family needs in an emergency and you should also have an emergency survival bag or what many preppers call a Bug Out Bag. A bug out bag has all the essentials for survival and should have a change of clothes, seeds, camping gear, dry beans and rice (as they go a long way) ways to purify water, multiple fire sources. first aid among other things you may need. Women don't forget some cloth diapers as if SHTF you might need to make some reusable washable sanitary napkins and cloth diapers is a good material for that. I also think besides having the emergency stockpile of food and bug out bags that people should have ways to hunt and fish. Yes we have multiple ways to hunt and fish. You never know what is gonna happen and you should always be prepared for anything.


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