I took a little flying trip to UT | It didn't go as planned | Me and my buddy ended up in the ER

3개월 전

In the spring, Tony and I talked about going on a flying vacation (Paragliding)

We said that we should go to this fly-in called the red rocks fly-in that happens every year at the end of September.

Every thing was going good until a few days before the even. The weather would turn into 50mph winds, cold temps and bad wind direction for paragliding.

The only day that would be good enough for me to fly was going to be on Friday. Turns out, as soon as we get ready to start flying, Tony takes a full collapse and lands flat on his back from twenty or so feet off the ground. It was not a good place to land on your back that is for sure.

I got to fly for about 15minutes. Tony went to the ER to get checked out. The next day I got an inner ear infection and couldn't walk or move without throwing up. I ended up in the same ER.

This was with out a doubt the worst vacation I have ever been on. Such a shame because it was such a cool place to hang out.

Check out the video I put together to document the event.

By the way, I am still suffering from the effects of the inner ear infection today, and this was 3 weeks ago. Balance, and def in left ear.

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Hope you both heal all the way

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Could have been worse the wind has a mind of its own.

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