Paragliding and Talking about birds that sleep in the air

6개월 전

If you don't pay any attention you would think very little of these tiny birds.

These birds are incredible!

When I found out what these birds can do I was enthralled! They can sleep, eat, and breed in the air!

These birds spend something like 10 months in the air at a time! Watch this video to hear a bunch

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Aren't you afraid of fly so tall? I think I would panic, it was interesting to see your video, very well done, greetings!

Great video. it was cool to paraglide with you.
That info about the birds is amazing. I am havign a hard time processing it, actually. days, weeks, maybe, but months! Damn!
I guess their ancestors trained during the big flood :)
Your landing was awesome. It looked like you were going to crash and then, you just landed so smoothly and easy.
Is that equipment 100% safe?
Only with good weather?

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