Tooth Fairy

3년 전

I am sure that if you have kids, all of you have done duty as the tooth fairy.

A couple of times I failed at my duties and that disappointed little face in the morning when the tooth fairy did not arrive is heartbreaking. So I thought that I will share a couple of ‘white lies’ that really worked for me…
The first one that really worked was – “Oh, but it is Tuesday today. You do know that Tuesday is for Tooth fairies the same as Saturday for us. They actually don’t work on Tuesday - it is their day off. Just leave your tooth where it is because I am sure that she will come tonight.”
The tooth fairy left a message that unfortunately she could not find anything in your room because it was too messy and there were too many toys lying all over the place.
What about...
The tooth fairy left a message that she was stuck in traffic. There was just too many kids that needed her last night because kids eat too much sugar and all of them are losing teeth.

As long as your explanation is believable, the little ones will be more than happy, especially if the promise of a larger payout accompanies your story.

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