The Huge Tasks of Parenthood

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Parenthood is a huge chore, a tough task and a bliss. Most Mothers and fathers takes up the responsibilities of taking care of their children by default and its a priceless endless task anyone qualified or unqualified for that delicate position will ever take. Even though there are several parents: fathers and mothers who failed in this role, one of the reasons why there are so many fatherless and motherless kids roaming the neighborhood and foster homes. Also, death came for some parents, these category of people are special, no one to blame because death will come for us all.

In the picture, the father on the bike is taking his kids to school on his Motorbike in the rain, if he had been in a better position and owned a car, he would still do the same. It's a priceless image that is thought provoking for anyone who wants to be a father or a mother, a little reminder that protecting and making our offsprings safe is a huge task and not for the faint at heart. I would have loved to have memories of my dad and i when i was little, but death came for him too, leaving my mom and my two elder brothers to the task.

Its been a long rough ride for and probably thousands out there, but i hope to do the very best for my kids and i pray you do the same too. Death won't come for us, nor for our partners. This i speak into existence and you should claim it if you want kids.

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