3 under 3

2년 전

So I have recently become a mum to 3 under 3 (a 2.5 yr old and new twins) plus I have my 15 yr old step daughter living with us.

I wanted to record some insights and experiences as they were happening before it all gets lost in the myriad daily issues.

I am doing my best to be a mindful mama, to be in the moment with my beauties and not somewhere far away deep in anxious thought or lost in the phone. And though in general this is exactly the right thing for me tonight I was handed another great lesson .

Having spent the best part of 2 hours trying to calm one of the twins, rocking her, singing to her, reinserting dummy ever 20 seconds, patting back, jiggling knee , all with concentration and intent, I asked my DH to pass me my phone so I could be on top of our expected grocery order. Within seconds of being handed the phone I was lost and utterly absorbed by my social media and emails. 20 mins later when somehow my attention was recalled to my child, she was fast asleep in my arms. Being absent did the trick , I guess too much intention is just too damn intense for anyone especially the poor baby.

So moderation in everything including moderation, lesson learned - give yourself a break it might just do the trick.

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