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Hi lovers, its your girl @mzajoke, its been a while i drop a piece here,, I dont have a good reason i must confess, its laziness...

Something happened to a friend two days ago and last night I saw a picture that suits the problem...

I remember her telling me her Mom was telling her, that her mates are married with kids and she isnt thinking about it,, she felt so bad that she cried to the extent of leaving every member of her family behind and going to an unknown town, change her sim cards, her social media and any way they can contact her...

Parents, we know you want the best for us, but we also want the best for ourselves, if my mates are in the university and i am not, I expect you to know God's time is the best,,, if my mates are married and I am not, should i kill myself or be advertising I am single?? If my mates are making it already, should i go and steal??

Why don't parents get it that we are going through enough trauma already? Stop pressurizing us, all you need to do is pray for us and motivate us..
Parents are supposed to be their children's backbone, their source of strength, their prayer warrior and motivator not the other way round..

Imagine this.....

Do you think the poor child is gonna forgive them even in the grave??

Please our dear parents, kindly support us only with prayers and stop pressurizing us about anything we are yet to achieve, If yu push a child too fast, he/she might end up doing what's gonna make him/her curse you in the future...

I want both present and upcoming parents to learn from this...

Thanks for reading
Please resteem till it gets to all parents
I hope to write soon
I remian @mzajoke

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