Paris Hilton joins the Crypto BOOM!

4년 전


Omg, have you heard?!! Paris is into bitcoin?!?!!!

Yes it is true she tweeted about
Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 4.55.17 PM.png

This is rather exciting. Especially when she tweets about ETH and Bitcoin and Blockchain.

I don't know what to say other than how surprised I am how quickly all of a sudden this crypto boom is getting into every corner of society. I mean really, this sort of celebrity is the last place where I would expect tweets about crypto.

Good for her and good for us. I hope she invests and makes a ton of money with it.

For me the key learning here is that this just shows the immense growth. I mean even a year ago very few people talked about about this. Two years ago, I was running around looking for people to discuss crypto with. I think the growth is way higher than 10x relative to 2013. As a result I am not yet concerned with the market cap of this market.

The future will be interesting

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We need more prominent! She want to participate in Lydian token. Read more here


just upvoted


Thanks 🙏


To the crypto world it does not matter how much money Paris will gain ( or burn).
But what matters is how many (thousands) of new people were brought to crypto sphere by only this single fact.
And I have no doubt we will hear such celebrity stories again and again and again in the future.

And this is just GREAT.

That is pretty amazing. Soon Bitcoin and crypto will be common household terms all over the world!

Hey @knircky !

I will be happy to see Paris Hilton on Steemit ! 😄

Well to the topic Paris Hilton and BTC&ETH ! - you never can peredict what woman can do 😅

Greetings @kam.ila

Oh wow. Celebrities are slowly figuring out how good this is :-)

that does not surprise you in the future a criptocurrency called pariscoin, hehe greetings friend a new follower for you. Thanks for sharing.

I am not a fan of these ICOs with "famous" people behind it. Most people dont understand what bitcoin wants to do-then they read something on Maywheter or Hiltons Tweeter put money on these "ICOS" and get burned.
I think they make more damage then they help the community-


This is true. However exposure to Bitcoin, Ethereum and Blockchain from these people is very good for the ecosystem.

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Lol after this tweet China bans ICO :)

Crypto is going well but there is some care and keep in touch with the market and news feeds regularly to invest accordingly and on right time.
Nice information.

ok now is the time to pull out.
She is from the hell

Steem :)))

Das hatte ich auch ehrlich gesagt niemals gedacht, dass sie das mal an die Glocke hängt. Die Zukunft wird wirklich sehr interessant.. du sagst es


ja ist schon krass.

ICO's are trying to marketing crypto to the masses using celebrities, i don't know if its a good strategy in terms of money invested and publicity returned

Bitcoin in Hollywood hahaha!! Might have a movie come out on cryptocurrency....maybe something like "The Wolf of Wall Street."

Very interesting days coming up haha!!

When I heard about this i thought I saw seeing things. I'm not sure if this will be a good thing or a bad thing


i think she is actually smarter then she gets credit for. and generally i believe any exposure is a positive thing. it makes people hear and think about crypto

Yes, they see now too, that they can make money with it. -))

Dude, burning man is a p.diddy Apple google trend, I'm not surprised.

Thanks for the news though, it's good to know who is on board.


burning man is one of the things i want to do some time


Oh man, I wanted to do it ten years ago. I'd still be excited to go but I'd really love to see what's it wasn't like before it became so mainstream too

Celebrities are slowly figuring out how good this is
Keep up sharing🙃😍

Wow thats amazing. Actors are slowly predicting and it is informative

I truly think this type of tweets from celebrities like this will just accelerate the growth of the crypto world and hopefully Steem also!

Thanks for sharing this good content and sweet pic of Paris..
I fully agree with you
"The future will be interesting"
Thanks also for your great support and upvote
Wish you a great and sunny day

This is a Great News for us...Thanks for sharing

The market cap is far far far so far away to be concerned with :)

Yeah I heard she was espousing cryptocurrencie's virtues. It's interesting to see more and more celebrities get on board. On the one hand I'm not sure how I feel about it....... but on the other hand I guess it's really a good thing.


these are exactly my thoughts. A lot of these people are really smart and smart people with money is what crypto needs. the exposure will just help

its nice that Superstars are into Crypto now, waiting for trump to support bitcoin :)

We need a celebrity in steemit as well, I am sure it can generate a huge progress for our platform. How would you feel if Mayweather would start blogging here? :)


yes. I do also think that steem is still too small to be impactful. So far u can make a few hundred $ with a post here. that may not be enough for paris hilton to spend her time here. so i think we need to grow first and then bigger celebrities will join us. we are attracting already some medium size guys from youtube and that is how we need to grow.

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Wow! Thank you for sharing, @knircky! I also dream of becoming famous on Youtube. I really want to create an interesting blog.
I recently traveled to the sea and we lived on an island and could reach the mainland just like a ship. Yesterday I wrote a 5 part of my trip on the sea. About how we were riding on ship. Was very amazing if you interest look please:

If someone like me joined the crypto world (I was some kind of anti-social media and banking system guy), I can totally understand how someone like her would want to get involved in the cryptosphere. :-)


ALL IN ! ! !

can't really understand is it bad or good for crypto world.


i think any time we get celebrity exposure its a good thing.