The top 0.1% owns as many assets as the bottom 90%. And it’s getting worse.

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You write it as if in your platform the creators and developers get as much as anyone else.


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Manna really needs to go PoS, mining is bad for centralization and people who dont really care about the future of the project can just mine and sell. If Manna holders could stake, this would be much fairer and provide an incentive for many people to hold.
I have compiled similar coins on Raspberry Pis, so staking MANNA could cost as little as $10


I believe PoS was a future plan, while in the Grantcoin stage, but that it may have been taken away after name change to Manna

"The rich get richer."

This is something that is highlighted across almost every study in the last 10 years.  Workers wages are flat while CEO compensation exploded.  The "wealth" effect sought out by the Fed through the easing policies implemented was enjoyed by only a small percentage of the population.  

One of the reasons why we foresee Manna being more important in the future is because of the elimination of the middle class globally.  The first tier needing help is the countries with wide spread generational poverty.  We foresee things unfolding in such a way that second and first world nations are going to experience large unemployment issues.  

"One of the reasons why we foresee Manna being more important in the future is because of the elimination of the middle class globally."

I believe this trend, if left unchecked, will eventually lead to a very nasty class war like never before Luckily, cryptos are here to save the day.

Thanks for sharing @mannacurrency, keep it

"Easiest place to get rich"-TED talk, performed by Norwegian comedian and sociologist Harald Eia. And yes, the Scandinavian way beats the American way


The problem is that even if you found the solution that work, for some reason people still pull away from it with time. In the 60s, US was the global leader in welfare and a descent life for most. But with first sign of problem, we run to the right. Just cut taxes, and everything become better.. right..? Answer is 40 years of decline, and still we are just months from the last tax cut that supposedly is going to help.

Norway isn't any better. We have also moved to the right the last 30 years, and even if most live comfortably in the middle-class, life gets harder for the poor, while the rich are richer than ever.