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Hi @connorsmith thank you for letting me know about parley until today I didn´t hear anything about it.
So, I think there is one tool more to check out and have a maybe deeper look into.
And by the way because of the circumstance that your last post in STEEMIT is a little bit older I had to choose this way to thank you for upvoting my last post and give a little bit attention back to you.
Thank you very much!
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With sunny greeting from Andalusia to California
Don Thomas


Hey @don-thomas! Thanks for the reply! Parley, is an interesting addition to Steemit. After using it a couple of times, I don't think I like it... In my opinion, it doesn't mesh well with the steemit platform, but it has some potential. And no worries about replying to the old post, I really do need to get back to writing more often. I love Steemit, I have just been very busy lately.


Hi @connorsmith thank you for your reply to my comment it´s good to get so much open-minded people together which give feedback to things that might be good or even not.
We are still looking for something what feels a little bit more like

  • facebook
  • hootsuite
  • or even mailchimps-like
    because our intention is not only to write a blog for having a blog, we are doing this to get more independent from facebook and twitter while promoting our services and the surroundings of our beautiful country. And I can tell you this is a huge bunch of work to find something what can be measured against them today, but now we don’t have to pay only for our smart form of advertising better than that we get paid for. But the we miss the big community like in facebook or twitter who looks to our posts, maybe in a few month I don’t have no need to worry about again, we will see.
    Zwischenlinie-2 für Steem-Post 940x120.png
    with sunny greetings from Andalusia
    Don Thomas