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This is so great!

Nice one ..

If you have any issues with Kryptonia you can e.mail

For those using Kryptonia here are some things to remember.

Any harm if you seem not to have any referrals yet?


Yes. Tried to send again today, cant seem to find where to locate the link again.


It is on your Kryptonia profile under photo. Also can access Referral page at top right of the page from the pull down menu.


When you copy/paste or repeatedly type the same comments you could be mistaken for a bot.

Tips to avoid being flagged

Thank You! ⚜

Moving to the blockchain great post Colin

Kryptonia is a great way to increase you steemit audience 

I just remember i had issues with the kryptonia
At reg point i wouldnt know why..
Or to say i dont know how to go about it


You can e.mail and they will be able to help you.

Thanks for this very useful information

thank you for the free SBD!

Cheers @sydesjokes

Very interesting.


Good work, I like this


This is incredibly great

Buena información, Gracias por el apoyo y la relación simbiótica.

Nice one, keep it up

Parley looks interesting. I may have to look into it.