Daily Steemit Faucet post for 23rd April 2018 **FAUCET OPEN**

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What is Parley?

Parley is a Steem-based Reddit competitor that allows users to submit links and curate news they find around the web in order to promote discussion on the Steem platform. Read more

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Thanks for this info and all that You do for the GREAT STEEMIT COMMUNITY! It is appreciated immensely! Your Friend @extraterrestrial :)

I like it! Parley is really awesome. I liked it when I first saw it.

Thanks for sharing this info.

Bro why payout daily basis? I think 0.300 threshold is best.

Nice one here @sydesjokes
I love the updates on your blog

Nice. One..
Parley might be good for we minnows.
Nice update

I see a good use for Parley to share older posts that don't generate any
Upvote rewards anymore and also to continue discussion and engagement
around the topic.

Interesting, but I personally feel Parley interface needs lot of work! I understand its new and I am sure tons of upgrades coming soon.


Still very early beta so they need to do a lot of work on it but being tied into Steemit is a big plus for me.


Certainly @sydesjokes Steem gives Parley a head start!


Yes and monetize content. Reddit does not pay anything for peoples content just like all the other social media sites so Parley/Steemit and other sites that allow people to monetize their content will be the winners.

I spend more time on Steemit than I spend on Facebook.


Yes even I am using Steemit more than Facebook!

it's great, more interesting on steem!

I've checked this parley things last month and I wasn't impressed, I think am going to check it again.

Hey, just put an 's'in between that word and you get parsley, a plant.

Thanks for sharing update

i am going to check it out...

Thank You!

Thank you!

It's nice to have a pet in your life, everything is more happier

Today the opportunity has not escaped me. Thanks

excellent work man and thanks

You are awesome

Thank You for sharing!

Interesting. 👏

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A: They take the psychopath.

Parley sounds interesting

Should be a good competitor

I will check it out. I report news also

Nice way to earn steem and sbd

never heard of it before this

Nice post

Thanks for your post @sydesjokes

Good one.

Thanks for this information.

good post by sbd

I love your faucet! ty


Do you get paid in STEEM?

You are really awesome

Thanks for sharing


Onteresting to see some one finally male a reddit alternative

thanks for the info

You're doing a great job! Nice added bonus to Steemit to be able to check in on these posts.

Thanks, muy valiosa informacion

Thanks man

Great post brother, I like your post !!

Advice for the day
Try everything

gracias por el faucet

I want to thank you for this help. I follow you on Kryptonia, is a great platform.

maravillosa propuesta

How do you write the laziest day of the week? Monday!

Thanks for the reward

“We Generate Fears While We Sit. We Overcome Them By Action.” – Dr. Henry Link

I think I saw one once, but it was just a token kitten.

supercessang 😀

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Cool! Thanks for the info.

Nice. Thanks for sharing this

Thank you

I received mine. Thank you! such a big help

Thanks Sydes

Upvoted and commented


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wow good work

Parley you say? Well, that's what we need more sites, platforms, programs and competitors. Heck, I can't keep up with the one's I have now, lol.

Looks interesting

Thank you!

It looks interesting.

Wow! Thanks!!

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― Tom Hiddleston

Hallo my steem family!

thank you sir for your help.

This is incredibly great

Nice one, keep it up

Thanks for this very useful information