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I see a good use for Parley to share older posts that don't generate any Upvote rewards anymore and also to continue discussion and engagement around the topic.

Hello @sydesjokes
Can you please help me completing the sign-up. The detailed signup form doesn't respond even after filling up all the details. I am not sure what is going wrong with this. Every time I fill in the details here and click submit, it shows no confirmation and this message doesn't go away.



i already sent them a note 2 days back. I'll wait for their reply then. Thanks :)

21 hours left to next MANNA Basic Income Distribution. If you have 1 referral you get double, 2 referral is triple.... Etc

Will look up for update on manna..
Really feel interested


They have next Basic Income Distribution in 3 days.


Thanks for sharing this news.

Good encouragement

that's pretty cool to see crypto UBI. thanks for the info though.



Parley kinda looks like a newspaper setup. Anybody know what a newspaper is? 😂

Great work

Nice one, keep it up

Thanks for this very useful information

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