Make most out of Steemit using Partiko Android app.

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Posted using Partiko Android. I was seeing it under many posts lately. I could not understand what it is. But now I understood that it is solving one major practical issue in Steemit system.

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I have a job. Often I won't be able to spend time on steemit. I used to concentrate only on posting. It is mainly because I am dependent on my laptop. I need to come back and open my laptop to do anything in Steemit. Yesterday I saw a nice post about an app called 'Partico' through which we can access our steemit account through steemconnect. So its completely safe and secure.Its so beautiful I fell in love with that app at first sight. You can upvote, comment and resteem using the app.You can post also but as you know through mobile it would be difficult.It shows value of votes also nicely. Moreover if we want to vote a post it has a slider to choose voting weight also.

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To add a cherry on your cake you will get 3000 points to use the app and additional points to get interacted to system(Comment,vote,post)etc.They assure that we can use these points for purchasing votes later. As I can use a mobile, yesterday I was commenting and voting for posts whole throughout a train journey. Try once you will never leave it.

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I reviewed this app already, but I didn't know what their point for.
Thx for your information :)


Even this comment would have got you some points :)

Posted using Partiko Android

Partiko rocks

Posted using Partiko Android

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