First time Partiko - Is it me or is this a half-baked (ad-) thing?

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I was previously using Steem only from my PC but decided to give a mobile access a try while I was out for a couple of days. Partiko was probably an obvious try, since I've seen quite a lot of people using it - at least given the Partiko comment signatures it leaves behind. The Installation was easy. For the login via SteemConnect is was handy to have adb in place for the private key input, but this is probably a general problem for Steem related apps and services.

However, a couple of thing seem to be not properly working for me.

The feed repeats

I go to Home -> Feed and scroll down the list of posts. At some point (maybe after around 20 posts) I see the same posts from the top again?! It seems to be only on my feed, the trending/hot/new feeds seem to work correctly. It also repeats only the top few posts, later posts appear only once. Annoying, but OK...

'Discover' suggests only posts from 5 months ago


'Chats' raises an API error


How is this supposed to work - is anybody using this feature?

No notifications, all notification tabs remain empty


I have partiko installed for over a week now, I haven't received a single notification. But I got replies, was mentioned, have been voted and have received transfers?!

Partiko-Points and Ads


I understand than an app like this is not developed out of nothing. But come on, I would not have expected a full-screen-uninterruptable-with-sound advertisement when tapping on "Free points" - at least let me know what happens when I click that button!

It even happened that I was greeted with a full-screen ad when starting partiko. Sorry, but this is an absolute no-go for me.

I ran tcpdump against a quick partiko session, here's what the app connects to:

  • and - OK, this is the authentication
  • and - OK, these are Steem posts and images
  • - partiko points, I assume?!
  • several subdomains, several subdomains - let me guess...


  • How can I see a list of my comments and especially replies to those? This is the main thing I miss.
  • can I see wallet activity?
  • Is there a way to quickly scroll back to the top of a feed to refresh it?

Is it me, is this a problem with my device/setup/settings? Are you using Partiko and does it "work" for you? I'd be happy to hear your experiences and if you have any hints on how to "fix" it. Or alternatives to try.

/rant off.

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It used to work great! But it seems that they didn’t upgrade their app after the last HF. Like you wrote it seems to have become an abandoned project!

Maybe esteem is a better choice!



Thanks for your feedback, Peter! Good point, also the main @partiko seems to be inactive since around half a year (excluding the automated comments...) - a pity :/

Partiko has, unfortunately, not been updated in quite some time.

If you're looking for a better mobile Steem experience, I'd recommend eSteem.

On A Side-Note: While no longer active, @partiko still has over 20,000 Steem Power, not being powered down...


thanks for the eSteem review - I'll give it a try :)

i met at SF3, the guy behind @partiko, full of enthusiasm back then - they had regular competitions in which people got rewards for spotting their regular updates every few weeks.

It was all great for the next sixth months, then he just seemed to leave the platform suddenly, no warning, no announcement, and the updates just stopped.

I'm amazed it still works at all TBH.

It's a shame, it had real promise - then again the main dev used to work for Air B n B, so he probably just found a very high paying job for a similar global company.

He was a nice chap, I'd actually like to know what he's up to now!