Finally! I am back!

2년 전

Hello dear friends! I miss you 3000! Yay! ❤️

I just got my very Starbucks 2020 travel organizer! But let us talk about that on the last portion of my post. Haha!

Thank you, Partiko!

Thank goodness the app partiko is working well again. I really had a hard time last month logging in my account so I need to open my browser. I actually gave up that type after days of unsuccessfully logging here using my account. I was like, how about my points?

Anyhow, I think someone is off with my chrome since I cannot open blog using it.

Byebye 2019, Hello 2020!

Year 2019 is about to end very soon and I still have a bunch of things to share/post to you all. Well, do not worry for the things that I am about to share on the following days are all good things. I know it is disheartening to read negative things online right?

I know I should not say sorry but instead I shouldd have a changed behavior -- from being inactive and unresponsive to the messages. For one, the events that happened to me pusher me to have a lesser screen time. Second, I spent my "screen time" to sleeping instead. Maybe because my body has been adjusting a lot because I had been so sleep deprived. It seems then that when the clock strikes nine in the evening, my bed becomes so needy and my eyes had been so blurry. Just so you know, recently I lost the left lens of my glasses so my head aches a lot.

Anyway, for this evening, yes ma'am and sir I am sleeping late after a week of having a good night rest, I will share to you all that I was able to purchase the 2020 Starbucks Travel Organizer. I seriously wanted to purchase Starbuck Malaysia's 2020 Organizer but I am too broke to purchase online. I seriously have a lot of dues to pay ; including my monthly Globe plan which I never really planned of having one, it was my father's doing. Sighs

Anyway, I stopped this habit of mine on spending money buying random and useless stuff online and at the department store nearby.

I could only finance myself through the tutorial services I provide to my cousin, Athena, every weekday night. Haha! It is not that much but I'm kinda low maintenance so I find no problem with that.

Now, I'll show the planner and some random shots I took while ordering a number of hot chocolate and teas. hahahaha

To be honest to you all, I am really not a fan of Starbucks. I actually hate the smell. It was just that I needed an organizer for my thoughts and other stuff. I also find one of their planners, the one I purchased very lovely.

I got the first two stickers when my friend asked me out. He promised me he'll help me out in completing all the needed stickers, but it never really happened. Haha! What is! But I was just so thankful that he treated me lunch and then coffee for dinner.

I swear, if I get to have my ideal weight and maintain it, amma treat myself to this seafood. I might not include rice on the things that I would order because it is really fattening me.

It just so happened that I ordered teavana for my brother and I while waiting for my friends to arrive at the meeting place. When I saw the planners then, especially the mint green, I wanted to collect stickers to have it.

I told the barista it is Gail but he wrote Gale instead. Gosh!

I got another stickers from my aunt. During their trip they decided to have a stop over. Thankfully my Aunt and Athena thought of getting their stickers. It was so thoughtful of them.

When Auge and I met to work out our papers for PRC file, I decided that we should head out to Starbucks so that I could purchase drinks for us and have two more stickers. I was just so happy that Auge gave me two of her stickers.

What made me more happy was that Auge received a free cake as her birthday gift from Starbucks. We got to choose everything on the menu except the Christmas cake. We then decided to have Cheesecake instead. Yum!

Because my mother notice I had been collecting stickers from Starbucks, she handed me hers.

I was like OMG! I only need three stickers then. That is when I decided to contact one of my friends so he could help me out drinking whatever I wish to order.

I felt a bit disappointed though because I haven't read the mechanics well. It says that SBux would only accept a maximum of two sticker holders per planner. It means then that I still need four more drinks to get four more stickers.

Maybe I was just so pissed off that my friend notice it. He then comforted me by telling me that he could just buy another four drinks. And so... my night turned so bright like it was day! Haha!

So yeah, I got to take home two teas and two coffee jelly. Did I get that right?

And this was what I had been waiting for, the planner!

I seriously love the packaging. Oh well, good packaging has always been part of Starbucks' branding.

And when I opened the box, it was carefully wrapped. As you can see, it comes with a bookmark and gold stickers with green background. I guess I might use these stickers on something else other than this planner since mint green looks so adorable for these stickers that leave a strong impression.

The notebook reminded me of Traveller's notebook though since the notebook is not attached to the thick "velvety" cover.

And to spoil you guys, these are the freebies. There is also an online draw where some SBux card order can have drinks for the entire year, then another for an entire month, and so on. I guess I got that part correct though.

Anyhow, I am still planning on how to design it or just leave it as it is then, just like what I usually do.

That's all folks and I really thank you for your neverending support. I am still hopeful that STEEM and SBD would pump up. I cannot wait for that day. Yay!

Lots of love,

P.s. This blog post is not sponsored.

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It was well worth your efforts for you got the notebook you wanted. 😊

wow you got the starbucks diary! I am collecting coupons for getting it as well.