Time Travel vs Manning The Fuck Up!

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Sometimes in life we may make mistakes. It could something so small like being late for work or taking your steak off the bbq to early and cutting into it :( You wish you could just go back in time and leave earlier for work or patiently wait another 3 mins for your slab of sexy grass feed beef to be cooked to that perfect medium rare!

Most of the time though it’s something a lot more significant that makes us want to travel back in time and undo that god awful mistake we made and make things right.

It’s almost as though going back in time would be a scapegoat and the easiest way out. I’m not quite sure why there are lessons in life that seem to need such painful experiences to happen to be able to grow and make changes.

If you went back in time to undo your “naughty” would the same thing happen again in the future or maybe something even worse. I mean if you didn’t learn your lesson and only undid your action what would you actually learn?

This is why I’ve come to the conclusion that “Manning The Fuck Up” is the only solution to your problem which happen in the past. We face the problem directly and adapt to it making whatever necessary changes that are required to grow and heal you or those around you.

What are your thoughts? Is going back in time and undoing something better or worse then facing the problem directly and making the changes in life so that you can’t make the mistake again?

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Well, I think undoing an action could potentially cause other "regrettable" developments.

Are you back consistently now?


I feel the same way. The actions must stay put and changes made to eliminate the chance of similar actions taking place. Yes I am

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That's really good to hear. I've seen you've gotten some stuff sorted out in life.

You are a much better man than most in your predicament.

Manning the fuck up is the only solution to our problems because if you didn't learn your lesson and only undid your actions what would you actually learn ?

Yep suck it up buttercup.
The only thing I want to go back in time to undo is not not buying bitcoin...

Manning up is THE ONLY WAY. Manning up to small shit is relatively easy. ie. I am late for work, I slept in. Manning up to the really big stuff that goes on for long periods of time is really hard. Like yes I spent all our money on booze, clothes, gambling etc. However, it is the only way. In the end after the manning up you actually do start to feel better, because only then do we start to feel free. We then become truth. With truth comes less stress and anxiety. Like yes I smashed the car etc. Hiding and lying about addictions and huge errors is worse than being upfront and saying ..Hello..I am a former......etc. If you loose people along the way of becoming your truth, then they were not meant to be with you. They were only catalysts. ONLY THE TRUTH WILL EVER SET YOU FREE. LIVE THAT TRUTH AND OWN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will be surprised at the respect you receive. x

Making mistakes gives us the opportunity to be responsible and own up to our mistakes by admitting that we are at fault, not to beat ourselves to the ground.

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