Time for some jokes

3년 전

Good morning friends from the
steem community I wish you happy Sunday to all. Here I have translated some jokes for you that we share at work. I hope that will cheer you all a little bit.

Two blondes.

Two blond girls are talking:

  • You want me to tell you a joke from which chests are shrinking?
  • Oh Noooo! I see someone has already told you ...

Spare parts.

Today Bob decided to go to the bazaar in the big city and
accidentally entered a sex shop,
for a long time he looked through the store and finally chose an inflatable doll. He received instructions from the seller how to use it, and returned to the village.

  • Look wife what I bought from the big city?
  • What is this, Bob?
  • Inflatable doll!
    When you're angry, I'll sleep with her!
    His wife began to get a little jealous, so she asked:
  • Are there inflatable men in the store?
  • No, my wife! For men there were only spare parts.

A place for pregnant women in a bus.

A beautiful lady rides a bus, and she seats in place for pregnant women.
The conductor went to her and said:

  • Excuse me, would you like to move to another seat?
  • Why?
  • Because it's a place for pregnant ...
  • And how do you know I'm not pregnant?
  • So you do not look pregnant ... since when are you pregnant?
  • Two hours ago!
  • But, ma'am, you did not get it. This place is for pregnant, not for f...d ...

Not satisfied!

Man goes to the doctor all frantic and tells him:

  • Doc, I can not satisfy my wife. She wants ten times a day ...
  • Whaaat ?!
  • Money, doc, money!


  • How does the dog do?

  • woof-woof ...

  • How's the cat doing?

  • meow, meow ...

  • How does the snake do?

  • You can not go for beer with your friends.


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