Stocking Up For the Apocalypse (I guess)


Well, today I decided to stock up on canned food in the apparent reality that the Coronavirus is upon us. As stupid as I feel saying such, I'd rather be that kind of stupid than being the kind that dies because he was so confident in the impossibility of the worst.

Sure, an obviously sick/ill/coughing, ignorant broad for some reason decided to stand in front of her shopping cart inches behind me - likely giving me the virus ironically, but hey, I stocked up.

While I'm being exagerrative about contracting the virus, I haven't felt the greatest today. But there are a dozen other reasons I can think of for that being the case so whatever.

Even so, my stockpile would probably only last me 2-3 months and that's through being really conservative, but I also have no way of quantifying and knowing that for sure.

Good thing I bought cannabis recently and bought a little whiskey with my stockpile. With various businesses closing or contemplating closing, it seems possible my place of employment may close.

It is really annoying that the cheapest brand of food/items is that of Wal-Mart's own brand, "Great Value". Most of my stockpile was that brand and it's bad enough that i already buy from them regularly.

These are strange times, for sure.

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