Ease Your Pain!

2개월 전

Never forget!

Pain is so much easier to accept if you do understand what #Rumi means.

The Wound is the Place where the Light enters You

What a powerful, helpful and profound thought and every time I have the feeling that I can’t take no more, I do remember that without “Pain NO Gain”.

We are stars wrapped in skin- The light you are seeking has always been within.

My new friend Muthu from Singapore did send this Mantra to me this morning and suggested that I should stay away from loud Techno for a while :) and just listen to my breathing, to focus on my healing.

So Be IT! 🙌


PS: https://steemit.com/breastcancerawareness/@mammasitta/boobs-biopsy-and-why-every-woman-should-get-her-regular-check-ups-part1

I will update You very soon with part2 and the good news.

The Medicine Buddha

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..like your Deep but easy post(s)..the Blue Buddha is the medicine-Buddha, if I remember correctly..up..follow you..resteemed..thank you..


Nice to meet you! I appreciate your kindness and 💜 it’s always nice to find new people on my blog

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..finally had a little time to watch and hear it..thank you, beautiful pictures and relaxing chant..also a bit of kitsch, but it fits..like it..

Sounds like safe advice. After awhile the music comes on it's own!


I just woke up after being knocked out for a while from the surgery and now I will continue listening to the sound of this fascinating chant. I felt so sick wanting to throw up but after a few minutes into the music I feel so much better already

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Thanks much

Here is another nice Buddhist Tune

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Hey sweetie! so sorry to hear what has been happening with you right now. I hope you start feeling good again really soon and heal really fast! You have a lot of people sending your healing vibes here for sure. Lots of love to you.


I could feel so so so many good vibes without talking much about it but I thought I would share a tiny piece of my reality and truth. I am getting better already and soon I am back living life to the max! Sweet to hear from you even though I nearly overlooked your kind comment 🌻

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