Banana program week 6

3년 전

on this day I made a slightly strange story for my younger sister, this night my sister told me to tell her a story so she could sleep in her sleep. I thought for a moment and did not know what to tell you, and then it crossed my mind with the contest made by Stella Belle about rotten sandwiches. and I immediately started telling stories. a thousand years ago there were rotten sandwiches that lived with humans. he was ostracized by humans because he was just a piece of bread that was rotten and useless to humans because of its rotten smell. on one night a group of hungry wolves descended to eat humans. finally the rotten sandwich survived that night because of the stench of the wolf not approaching him. I have not finished my sister's story was already fast asleep and finally I did not continue my story again.IMG_20180919_164753.jpg

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