How to Decrease the Rate of Down Syndrome and Mitigate its Effects

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What are ways to prevent Down's syndrome?

Michael Mangold, Son with Down Syndrome; Down Syndrome Association of WI

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Originally Answered: Is there any way to get rid of down syndrome?

There are just a few that I know of, and they’re not highly effective.

There is a well-known association between maternal age and the risk of having a baby with Down Syndrome. This isn’t a big correlation, though. This rate rises significantly over age 35 because older eggs are more prone to chromosomal disruptions. However, more DS children are born to women under 35 simply because they have more babies.

The risk is higher in asymptomatic parents who carry the third 21st chromosome, and in those who have had previous Down Syndrome kids.

One under-appreciated risk was the anti-diabetic drug Rezulin (troglitazone). It was pulled from the U.S. market by the FDA for other adverse reactions like liver failure. 63 people died here because of that.

But there are MANY ways to increase intellectual capabilities. Some I base on research, and some I used on my son Jon. His results are nothing short of miraculous.l

Firstly, there are some things you should NOT do. Avoid high-sulfur foods like asparagus. The extra 21st chromosome increases hydrogen sulfide in their brains, which destroys neurons. Conversely, Omega-3's protect brain cells which is why he supplements with fish oil. You can use krill oil and/or flaxseed oil if they have difficulties taking fish oil. Flaxseed, however, becomes less effective as we age due to the natural decrease in the enzyme that converts it into DHA and ALA, the two active fatty acid forms.

Lycopene is found in high levels in tomatoes. Or they can take the capsule. My observation is that the addition of any “good fat” like olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, and even saturated fats from meats helps significantly. I believe this is due to enhanced absorption of lycopene, but am open to other mechanisms, too. One of Jon's favorite drinks is the water from canned tomatoes with a touch of fish oil mixed in.

Avoid sedating antihistamines like Benadryl. The reasons are explained here:

Non-sedating ones are ok.

Craniosacral Massage Therapy helps I believe, by increasing the flow of cerebrospinal fluid.

Avoid supplements high in sulfur such as SAMe and Glucosamine Sulfate. The latter is especially toxic since glucosamine destroys brain cells of these people.

Keep them mentally stimulated. Read to them and encourage them to read, especially aloud. Teach them sign language and learn it yourself. One of my most favorite activities with Jon was signing across the auditorium to each other during assemblies and holiday pageants.

Surround them with stimulating sights, sounds, and even smells. Small doses of TV are welcome, especially educational programming.

Tablets are excellent tools. One time we kept receiving Judy Garland DVDs from Netflix in the mail. It turns out that he had a thang for Dorothy.

The National Association for Child Development is a non-profit organization that I highly recommend. Jon's therapist was outstanding and performed wonders. Despite the name, it is also for adults: Home - NACD International | The National Association for Child Development

My last but most important recommendation is love. Lots and lots of love. Ask me some time about my Parenting Lessons.

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