The Evil in Men's Eyes

3개월 전

So a bus driver today wouldn't let an elderly Black woman on board because she was a quarter short. He was even rude about it, saying, "then why did you get on the bus?" And it was cold out. So I paid it.

I did a good deed.

I then had an epiphany: if I hadn't that would have been just as evil. If I observe it don't and let it slide, I'd be just as guilty as him. Einstein once said something about how the end of the world will occur because people stand by as it happens. Of course he was basing it on Naz Germany.

Taking this observation to it's logical conclusion, I have now refined my "evil, bad, and good cop" stance. I previously separated bad cops from their evil twins based on the former looking askance while the latter did their nasty deeds. No longer. They are evil, too. Especially since they just stand by while it happens.

I have NEVER believed in the "all cops are bad" stupidity. First of all, it is a gross and disgusting overgeneralization. Secondly, my maternal grandfather was the most loving, compassionate, caring, and generous person I HAVE EVER KNOWN! I can only assume you don't have any family members who are good cops. I will block you.

And for all you White Women with Privilege deniers of White Women Privilege, shove that up your suitcase.

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